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Found 7 results

  1. Vengeance massed up today to take our weekly Sunday stroll around the Wilderness. We first went to RDG to check for some tasty drops, and as we arrived, a random pure clan decided to fight us, clumping left and right only to get GWAS'ed by our expert magicians and rangers. We next ran into INF and had a tasty scrap before getting crashed.(vid) We then began hopping around GDZ and discovered a fight going on between multiple pure clans. We decided to smack up some of the pures before growing bored of the fight and leaving. (sorry :D) We then went to inspect the Rev Caves for some action only to find random mains and pvmers, clearing all as we went. Thanks to everyone who attended. Profanity Pov: Pictures :
  2. Today we massed up for our official Saturday trip into the wild. We started off in the Rev caves where we cleansed several random groups of pkers before running into Apex, who we cleared after a short scrap. We ran into them a few more times resulting in the same outcome before eventually running into a small band of Misfits who we cleared as well. Thanks for the scraps. After taking a short break we returned to the Rev caves to find them completely empty for an hour before running into fellow RP/Tank/Med clan, Evil, who put up a good fight before we cleared them as well. Thank you for the action Evil. Thanks to everyone who came. Pictures:
  3. Topic created by Miltz. So sunday tonight was simply.. Hilarious. We log into corp, went straight to Vetion where we came across a few Revenant members. We smacked those out and waited for the inevitable log in from Rev.. Never happened. After getting bored of waiting we decided to go and PK at easts - this is where we met our dear friends Rev. Honestly - it was over too quick. Rev as always put up a good fight but we just had way too much fire power. At no point during the fight did we feel under pressure or like we could possibly lose. They kept trying to return for 5ish minutes but it never worked out for them meaning we got a few cleared pictures, however SV rushed in for out last picture (bit suspicious?) and tried to spam 'fake ending' but don't worry - we got some pictures of that too Good fucking job Vengeance, this is why you log on at 9PM GMT on a Sunday night. This is why you are Vengeance. Till next time Rev. Oh a photo of SV trying to crash our ending picture. Caught red handed: #VengUp
  4. Excuse me for the delay. I still wanted to share this Event with the world <3 Topic created by Miltz. So tonight we went out for our standard Saturday night trip. Before I even outline what happened this was legit one of the funnest trips I've ever been on with Veng, GJ guys. We started at Easts and had a bit of fun clearing some small team. We found WG within ten minutes and cleared them instantly. RoL logged into Ven and refused to move north so we could actually attack them. After baiting them and picking their members off one by one they plucked up the courage to fight us properly and rushed north. We quickly got the upper hand and began to dominate. After about 5 minutes of fighting they started getting more numbers but returning in full black dragon hide and adamant. Wtf. We then decided to hit Vetion and straight away we found WG. They logged in with Dark bows and as far as I know they didn't get one kill. We cleared them and RoL rushed us from the north we cleared them too, this time they didn't even bother returning which was interesting. Anyway boys enjoy the pictures below and thanks for a sick trip. #VengUp Edited by Miltz, 04 September 2016 - 01:20 AM.
  5. Topic created by @Miltz. So today we went out for our unofficial Friday feasting. We banged a few pures and ended up clearing Rage. After about 15 minutes our trusty pals Rev were spotted getting cleared by FOE at Corp... I THOUGHT REV NEVER PKED AT CORP?! We managed to log in on Rev and they got two or three kills as we logged in but then began to tele out. We then went on the hunt and it seemed they had left the wilderness. Our #1 Renovator/Builder/Founder/Legend @ Sybren hit up their IRC and arranged a fight. They took wayy to long to mass up so we moved to Easts. We got that call that they were at corp, so a couple of our guys ran to corp to lure them to us at Easts. As expected Rev took the bait and began flying after us. We hit into them just north of pond and after Rev got caught in a couple of embarrassing clumps they ended up teleing out. A few of their stragglers were left as Jason and Sybren smacked them with TBs. They began running south west and we ended up being logged on by a huge clump of pures. As we chased off their last remaining member we got the Rev Cleared spam and got out to taunt them at Edgeville... Someone say something. OH! I forgot to mention they then declined our offer of another fight. IDK why? GF Rev. After this we ended up running into Doom. We cleared them off of Ven hill in a matter of seconds and ended up with a nice Ballista loot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zkih7vJYZkE Another sick trip boys. Let's keep up the good work. #VengUp
  6. INTRO So about 11:30PM GMT Bemb hit me up saying he had a 'singles team' called Team Terr0r (TT) talking to him all day saying they fancied an easy fight... So naturally we got a squad together: Miltz, Veng Speeeed, Under constr, Veng Russ, Mitzz, -CarnivoR, Ajax992, 5c4rf4c3, Roffa, Bemb, Don (Veng Russ swapped out for Don) EVENT AFTERMATH We headed up to New Gate to fight and after a long wait they turned up. We started a little slow but got into our stride quickly and cleared them within about 4 minutes. SV decided to crash the party and TT said we called them LOL. So we asked if they wanted to take it to clan wars or Al Kharid w325 and they chose the sand. After A LOT of flaming they turned up to be cleared within about 5 minutes, half of them (including their leader) returned in one item gear for about 15 minutes. I think we had three deaths throughout both fights? I'd love to say it was a GF, but honestly with the amount of unnecessary (and clearly unjustified) flaming from them, I'm not going too. GL in the future Team Terr0r. VIDEO Excuse us for the black lines in the first vid below. Miltz is getting his other PC back tomorrow with the editing software that he's used to. Miltz Perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgT9qe6Oow4&feature=youtu.be Mitzz Perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39xN2IBOdKw&feature=youtu.be -CarnivoR Perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r589G0TPW6M PICTURES We didn't get many but who cares when we got vids . OUTRO We're looking forward in doing more set up Clan Fights in the future. We're finally stabilizing with a decent amount of core members as we've focussed on other (more important) aspects in the previous months. We're here to give all Rune Pures and Range Tanks an Active, Mature and Honorable Clan that they can join. Thanks for reading Sharkbrew.
  7. With all the "Imperial Reopening" hype that's going on on Sharbrew in the past day(s) we felt like we had to give them a warm welcome back as soon as we got word that they were about cross the Wilderness ditch. The fight lasted for 30min-1hour. I know both clans started with around 20, except that they called a main clan (apparently SV but who caressssss), with us being outnumbered but who gives a brown sticky stuff aye, we still won. We're rune pures / range tanks so we're used to it, the only thing we care about = ACTION! Thanks for the fight Imperial. With your mentality of not giving up that quick we can see you guys go far within the current pure community. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDd56hW_Vy0 War vs Doom 1-0 War vs WS/PD 2-0 War vs Imperial 3-0 We're unstoppable.
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