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xLPC Disputes

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xLPC Dispute System
Penalty system
1 successful dispute - Topic in dispute will not be counted. 
2 successful disputes - Whole weekend(four points) and two unofficial midweeks(one point). 
3 successful disputes - Two weeks worth of WCOTM points removed. 
4 successful disputes- Entire month of WCOTM tracker removed.
5 successful disputes- Your clan won't be able to post banter (only pertains to your clan, individuals are free to banter) or aftermath topics for the rest of the month.
Rules for disputing the pureness of a pure clan weekend aftermath:
  • Any Ambassador on Sharkbrew can open a dispute. They must show clear evidence that:
    • Mains are actively attacking the disputant's clan and are not attacked by the opponent's ACing mains or by their pures.
    • Mains attacking your clan in singles, have a right click showing said mains username
  • Information regarding the evidence needed to formulate the dispute
    • Video evidence is mandatory
    • However if and only if video evidence is of poor visual quality, then we will accept video evidence from opposing clan or other clans of the same uninterrupted fight while specifying the time correlations to the disputed mains
    • Main tagged topics can be disputed if they are in direct contact with pure tagged topics
  • Evidence will be examined from the macro view point of the whole fight.
  • You have 48 hours to dispute a clan.
    • This also applies for the last weekend of the month.

Kim, on 19 Feb 2017 - 8:36 PM, said:snapback.png

On 2/19/2017 at 8:36 PM, Kim said:



Name of the clan you're disputing:


Disputed topic url(topic must include media and a summary of the trip in order to be considered a typical aftermath topic):


URL to your own same day event aftermath:



Screenshot & Video evidence


Post highlighted evidence in pictures. (Circle the mains on paint):



Post highlighted evidence in videos. (Post the time in videos in where mains are):



A picture of their fall in with a timestamp. (This could be from OSBuddy):



A picture of your leak's join.me showing the mains:


A picture of your leak's join.me showing the clan chat:



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