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To Returning Clanners


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Hi, everyone!

Flashback to the past right? It is Kim! I am not an overseer of the platform any longer but I do have forum permissions.


About 10-15 clans are reopening, clans are getting active again. For those who want to clan, join discord.gg/sharkbrew to find a new clan or team!

Hope you all have been well, I have missed you all.


Thank you,



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On 4/10/2024 at 8:31 AM, TheBean said:

Who should I join tell me a list I'll spin the wheel 

Honestly, almost every clan is shit because of their mentalities. We are seeing that people can't let go of the past, since remaining clanners didn't move on to work on themselves.

Not sure who to suggest to you but I was in MF. I went to FOE recently. Lot of the clans who are around right now are looking to stabilize, they didn't have weekend trips for awhile and on top of that, they only really took things more serious this year. 


I hope to see f2p saturdays back. 

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