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DAMAGE CONTROL We are a QUALITY OVER QUANTITY PvP top-tier team. Events we do are as follows: - Daily MASS REV trips - Hybrid tournaments / practice - PKRI / INNERS / MINIS - Huge drop parties for applicable members

EXPECTATIONS - Do NOT clan-hop. - Always go to discord INSTEAD of asking in CC if people are pking - NO INTENTIONAL ATTACKING OF CLAN MEMBERS - NO RACIST REMARKS!!! - Joking has its LIMITS - NO SELLING ACCOUNTS, WHATSOEVER! - NO PUBLIC STAKING, WHATSOEVER! - Be patient / quiet / mute your mic UNLESS you are designated: 1. Caller 2. Scout 3. (Tber

- Combat level: 75+ - Magic: 85+ - Prayer: 52 - WILL bring all 3 attack styles (DDS,CBOW,TBS&CHINS/BARRAGE) MUST bring a multi attack whether its CHINS (MINIMUM 10 CHINS PER TRIP MUST BE BLACK CHINS) OR BARRAGE. - Screenshot of stats - Screenshot of a stacked bank with 15 sets of PK gear for returns along with rev cave teles and 100 chins in bank. - DT MUST BE DONE!!

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