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    Supremacy ranks tell their members throughout the whole trip about how we're teaming with Outrage, Resistance, and whatever other clan is around at the time, every single fight. Seems clear to me that they are simply stuck in the mindset of being a clan which pulls 30 and can't handle being the 2nd highest pulling clan. You pussies should quit crying about other clans hitting you when you have 70 people and focus on not getting poached by your rivals.
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    UB Public Relations

    Unbreakable Returns

    Unbreakable is reopening. We are not reopening for nothing though, and with our return we are hoping to also help return the clanworld to a better state. With our opening we plan to help revitalize the clanwars scene, re-popularize fights that are not endless return fests sitting on return spots, and help bolster a new scene with less cancer and more fun for all clans. In the coming days I will reach out to all other clan leaders about the direction the clan scene is going and how we can make changes for the better. It is my hope that we can agree on a new way forward, and with the first steps I have already made with some clan leaders I feel it is possible. Starving clans wasnt always the norm, endless return fights where nobody wins wasnt always the norm, cancer wasnt always the norm. These are problems we can tackle together as a scene without the cancerous influence of previous mentalities. Feel free to join our discord as we get our site and teamspeak ready in the coming days. All ex-members and people who wish to be a part of this new way forward are encouraged to hang around in discord as we set up. See you around. - HANU https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s
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    Unbreakable Returns

    that's what we said too then foe forced a rivalry with us and lost it l0l
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    Supremacy LMFAO

    "hey we never teled from you, we logged out retard" @Mustafafucking beta
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    we could be having some nice high opt fights on a f2p saturday, but edgis sand crab recruits make 3at shake irl lmao
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    Outrage & Supremacy

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    lol supremacy u really thought..

    Rage Era 🐻 Today's lesson: Slumpremacy can't comepete without mains Slumpremacy can't compete in matched opts fights. !Seen Rage in the topic fight's, U know y'all got smoked x4 LOL 💨 Slumpremacy TS3 Audio 😂 3:39 supremacy brainwasing their members. 6:50 kyle ''yo i got this dont worry'' o shit tele. 9:55 sup ranks are flaming each other lol 10:55 3at ''close the gate, keep that gate closed''. Rage Glorious Sunday Including smoking Slumpmracy dogs x4
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    Went out with around 18 strong bears ready to take on anyone inside revs, which we did for several hours untill we got pmed by this Toxine kid to team up on some sort of team called Criticall Damage.. Enjoy the logs and the video🤓! Spiral Discord message(s) from Toxine: Legacy.. 😂 (Click Spoiler)
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    Rage Kills LY/Purge/UD/etc ft. AGS and more

    clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage set out without about 12 bears later peaking at 26 to take on rev caves. We farmed LY/Purge/UD/BP/DC and venny clans for nearly 3 hours before calling it a day to mass for inners. The bears ate well tonight.   
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    Dear Rage Member, you're being fooled.

    no1 gives a fuck l000l i warned you that if you keep posting shit like pics of our member on your forum header that I'd do it back to you lmfao00000000 @Kimonce again playing the victim... typical Sup tactics
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    resistance is literally a disgusting clan lmfao. i can't wait to camp them since they wanna attend other clan's trips
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    Today's F2P PK Trip marks the start to the 4th Weekend of this hilarious, most 1-sided rivalry to ever exist in the scene of runescape pure clanning. Supremacy tigers (for the 4th weekend in a row) ended up making these Supremacy-rejects known as Rage bend the knee and kiss the floor. Massing up a strong 65 tigers, later peaking at 68, we had high hopes for todays trip since the rage rats finally managed to get more opts than us ingame. But once again, that didn't matter lmfao. They started their trip in singles, didn't have the balls to fight us in multi, lost both fights they had against us, got cleared by Foe, and had 10+ mains camp us in our own capes. They have nothing left besides the same generic, over-used cringe spams lmfao. Supremacy did this to you. Noel: Pert: Supremacy Starting: 64 Rats Starting: 72 Supremacy Ending: 58 Rats Ending: 19 (We legit won down 😎 The day started off with Rage failing to spam us when we left our mass. They walked to the wrong location and looked stupid. By the time they finally figured out we were waiting in the wild for them, these retards (who had +8) decided that they would rather fight in singles than multi. So, we entertained their mediocracy and hit them back, killing 10+ retards who didn't know where the singles line was. Hearing their ranks scream and get pissy at their dumb ass members who died, we knew it was the perfect time to move to multi. We pulled the fight (obviously it was us who went to multi first lmfao) and got baited into getting ass fucked for the next 25-35 minutes. We took control of the 13 ports for the beginning of the fight and began to drop pile after pile of their weak member-base. They ended up putting 10-12 mains in their capes/our capes on the port in efforts to not look like they were getting ass fucked, but in reality they were getting pounded like the 2 cent corner neighborhood whore. It got to a point of this fight where they got completely destroyed, going down to 20 ingame to our 53, and we decided to walk all the way east of 13p while rage rats stood in singles. We decided to stay there until they finally had the balls to enter multi again, which once again ended in the same way : Rage getting relentlessly ass-fucked. Just as Rage was about to get pushed into singles again, Foe decided to crash the fight. Both us and Rage (who at this point were demoralized as fuck to even stay), moved west. Foe ended up following, so we pulled back east into multi to re-start the fight. When Rage realized Foe saved their asses, they came rushing back in and thats when we avoided getting 2v1'd and got a quick regroup. Rage and Foe continued their fight on 13 ports, the majority of the time Rage down 15. We regrouped back up to 60+ people, rushed the fight, and caught rage with 40 people on the ports, killed 15 of them instantly, and walked the rest of their dogshit 19 members down singles, out of the wild. After fully clearing Rage out of the wild, we had full leisure to go hit Foe and give them a nice spanking. Initially, we found them running away from us and managed to bind and kill around 10 slow fucks, until they turned around to fight at the west side of Chaos Alter. To put it short and sweet, we had +20 on them for a majority of the fight, ran them down from west Ca to middle alter, and dropped them from 56 or whatever they had to 40~. We saw Rage finally re-entering the wild after 6 minutes of regrouping and took the time to get a log while Foe pulled north of Ca. Rage ended up rushing Foe again at the Ca entrance (up 10) while we went to bank, but ended up getting absolutely cleared by Foe. Rage had 73 people starting their trip and after getting cleared by both Supremacy and Foe, dropped down to 61 ingame. They legit lost 12 people from their trip in the time span of 25 minutes. Knowing that these fucking rats were broken, we paid them a little visit out of the wildy to boost their broken morale due to the fact that we weren't done with these punching bags. We found them at egde bridge with 60 people, Out-numbering them by 8 at this point. They failed to maintain any sort of advantage on us and panic mode set in for them. After hearing their ranks beg their members to spam the same generic, cringe spams, we walked north to corp and waited for these retards to finally fight us. After 10 minutes of sitting in singles, they finally entered multi and were rushed by 66 strong tigers, who controlled the fight from start to finish. We pushed them back to 13 ports where they were gagged and face fucked until they had 30 people left camping the single line. We took this time to walk east, wait and see what those rats were gonna do, and ended up logging out with 55+ tigers with a big ass smile on our faces knowing we've once again made that clan look like a complete joke. Rage Ended their trip 45 minutes after leaving their mass, telling their members to go to random worlds so they dont get depression from the almighty tiger clan.
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    @Broxxxthis guy just wrote me an essay that i didn't read and all he had to do was click a button and vote l0l
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    How to be legally blind in 5 seconds

    Yes agreed, watching any of your videos would make me blind, hence I avoid
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    clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Today Rage massed up 54 PURE BEARS for our official F2P PK trip. We were well aware that the piss poor excuse of a pure clan supremacy would continue to show their true colours by bringing 10+ mains today. This of course didn't faze us, we've dealt with shitty main-bringing clans before and supremacy are no different. Some of the mains being used by Shitpremacy: 1. rT Chat 2. RevPker 3. 4. LOLL3020L3L 5. Dikke Hoofd 6. Bud III 7l. Oof its Him 8. Permed4life 9. Tankanistan 10. llIIlIlIIlIl We started off our trip with some clean pure action rushing FOE at CA with 54 to their 48. We knew that the garbo main clan would attempt to crash our clean fight so we successfully orchestrated a team on crash with FOE. Both clans took turns ragdolling the clueless tigers sending them along with their mains straight to singles. 70-34 yikes 👀. We set up another fight against FOE, this time at Corp Hill. FOE rushed us with 50 to our 53 opts in-game, once again both clans were prepared for the crash. supremacy rushed the fight with 60 pures and 10 dweeb mains; almost like deja vu both clans once again took turns beating down their feeble minded members. After ~30 mins of single-multi skirmishes supremacy decided to turn tail and run for the second Saturday trip in a row 🙈. @King @Estranger
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    rage leader has cd all over his chest

    ah yes looks like ayb was calling an rsn and you deem it topic worthy
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    Unbreakable Returns

    Oh those guys who made a tank team to rag xlpc? Hmmm lol
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    Dear Rage Member, you're being fooled.

    Why are you talking about Rage's RL when you live in a shack in rural Ohio and you're still living with your parents l0l. My rank team and I killed your clan week in and week out while making more money and getting more pussy than you ever will l0l fucking loser. You need a better hider account Zachary aka pedo boy.
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    idk about you guys, but i’m happy as fuck to be in a clan that will defend me and retaliate when someones spamming irl’s in game.
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    Outrage Vs Supremacy ~ First To 50 (F2P)

    well rage can keep piping up but for some reason outrage didnt mention the kill score??? 50-48 (or) 50-48 (or) 50-43 (sup)
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    FOE Council 2k19 -

    lmfao from j cup to f2p hybrids purge quality clan
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    What’s a rival?

    swinging by to remind you that final ownage is dying
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    lmfao sup is such a fucking bad propaganda clan.. no mains no sup only excuses
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    u seem to have avoided the whole resistance rushing the fight in rage capes comment please explain urself
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    65-105 Combat Pure Account? Join Undisputed LPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: UD Public | Discord: https://discord.gg/m8Dnydd | Forums: Coming Soon Starting off our first clan event into the LPC scene, Undisputed scheduled a 20v20+ F2P wilderness PKRI against Onslaught. We massed up 22 shooters to take on the Gorillas in Fally which resulted in a fun return fight. GF & Ty for action boys. PM "Scims#1355" on discord to setup events.
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    Ex foe member for max

    enjoy your mcmuffin meal. don't forget to bring a plastic bag so you can doggybag the delicious ketchup sauce
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    Who winning men

    rage is pissing on sup mains
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    Exposing Supremacy's Mains FT. Audio

    it's your warlord that's flaming him, come home
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    Exposing Supremacy's Mains FT. Audio

    stop being a dumbass mustafa l0l
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    Rage own main clans
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    Vengeance thursday cave dominance

    Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ PART 1 Today we massed up 30-strong Vikings to head to the caves but before we did that, we decided to do a couple of rounds of inners to warm up. After massing for a short while we headed to the caves and oh boy are you in for a read... We started off our trip by clearing the open CC SV who we took down with ease. We got our clear pic and telied out. We quickly got a re-group at the entrance cause we knew, we were the strongest team out. We ran into another open CC, this time MOI, who to no surprise put up a better fight than SV. After we had gotten our clear pic we ran into SR, and they were up to no-good. We ended up clearing them three times during our trip - even opts. WG decided that they wanted in on the fun but after a 5-minute scrap, they had to dip due to us clearing them one-buy-one. During the masacre we ran into several pure teams who got smoked without even putting up a fight, this resulted in several +1s taking from them. PART 2 We caught wind that there was taking place at GDZ between ROT, SV & AF meaning we had to come up and clear stranglers. We banged out several SV who as per usual were randomly looting as well as being off-pile. After a short while we ended up smiting a random main for his Armadyl crossbow and at that point, we decided to head back to the caves. PART 3 The caves had more loot in its pockets which were waiting to be claimed. That meant we ran into SR again as well as WG who we once again ended up clearing after quick scraps. SR did surprisingly well considering they are an open CC providing protection the pvmers. They had around 30 opts as well but due to our superior quality SR came out short. Which resulted in yet another clear pic of them. At this point we had been pking for 4 hours and decided to call it a trip. Resurgence didn't dare to step a foot in the wilderness due to their horrible ability to pull people. Another day where Resurgence hides - nothing new.
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    Legacy Vs Rage 3-0 P2P PKRI

    Lol we pulled 35 and Rage thinks we teamed?
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    Looked fun!
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    @Nibletu wanna explain why ur elder anthony is spamming irl names again?
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    AK 4U

    We Are Ruthless

    I can feel the bipolar kicking in already
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    The funniest part was when 15 Dc members? (i believe) stopped ly from 2v1ing us.. poor sup was waiting in multi but ly just never came to help instead they got fucking owned by 15 DC members in singles LOL
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    Outrage vs Supremacy 2-0 Mini

    no ur referring to [Outrage] Oliver
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    u literally got destroyed in a 55v55 versus them in both servers last year and have refused to prep them ever since LMAO
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    Rage Guy

    Exposing Supremacy's Mains FT. Audio

    Damn that’s embarrassing lol fucking retarded main clans
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