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  1. lmfao @TURBOSMOKERgonna be real hilarious when @Jus10is left all alone to deal with foe, apex, zenith, and rot farming them. Won't be too far away since bp is almost dead, rage is dead and rev hides.
  2. lmfao @Jus10cospaying victim. ur gonna be real depressed when fi is left all alone and camped every weekend by pures + mains
  3. rage is dead lmfao.

    1. 5sizes


      @Royce reply if u arent fucking mad L0L

  4. @Treehugger28dont cry on discord buddy, rage is never going to be what it once was. dead irrelevant clan
  5. @Grey Wolfthis is why u try so hard to cosplay foe when clanning was in its prime, and foe shit on every1 (including rage 3 times while you were slaving in ly)
  6. @Brainthis is why you tried to rejoin foe, but now you are stuck in rage where you have 0 friends LOL
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