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  1. Love that pull, my boys. Great action, sweet video. @@Fake Smile aren't you tired of @@oops i killed u again 0 IQ comments? It feels like chatting with a rock, am I right?
  2. Na, one broccoli of your clan attacked us first. It was counted as an attacking round as you didn't want to re-do that. We accept everything you offer, we don't care, we love action. https://i.gyazo.com/03772cef32bd86a25fbc0f16bb081e3b.mp4
  3. Friends from Estonia and Lithuania. Don't forget that. Thanks for a flame-free fight, Doom. See you again soon.
  4. @@Kryk where you at? drink your omega-3 fatty acids to not forget your events, kid. @@Fake Smile lmao SF will close even faster than I thought. congratz, ST <3
  5. Even though every scumbag flames that Prestige isn't worth to be #1, check our activity this month and shut up your mouth. You will never understand what is it like to get this reward for a country clan who brought every clan member to achieve this award. We were hungry, we got our prize. @@Kryk, this brown sticky stuff will be in my signature forever. Sit down, kid. brown sticky stuff clan, no history.
  6. Lol that's sad when you impersonate someone just to get fight done, lie about opts and get cleared. 3 mistakes were fixed by Prestige haha! Nice fight
  7. Very nice callers in Prestige side. Great decisions were made! Good job, Fake!
  8. Love my guys for getting those pics. Helps me to hurry up the process of you closing your brown sticky stuff clan @@DMK Killa
  9. Was fun, thanks for action RD, even though you said you're going to rush from south dwarves.
  10. When we caught you matched or even +7 we cleared you in P2P. When you bring mains to help you in fights (also caught in teamspeak speaking about that) you lie that they aren't your mains. Let's meet in a clear F2P prep where mains could not be seen. What you think? Our last offer, you either accept it or either be scared and still hide in wilderness. You stink, we'll find ya anyway:)
  11. aya boys, let's meet f2p prep. if you aren't scared accept that
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