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  1. Trying too teach myself Photoshop and I would think the best way for me to do this is too make graphics at a decent pace (under 10 minutes) and see what I come out with. Whatever happens, happens. If you would like one just fill out the format below and I will do my best to get it done. If you like it, use it and if you don't which you all probably won't than no harm done and I get some practice Remember, I am just starting out fresh, you are helping me and I hope I can help you guys!
  2. True, I just put in some of the major fights from all clans perspectives. If I do another one next week I will focus on the endings of only the major fights in the wilderness if anyone really cares lol.
  3. Name: Week 1: Pure Clanning Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 24 February 2016 - 01:31 PM Short Description: Was bored so thought I would make something not so great. View Video
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