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  1. 1. Mayhem Makers 2. Fatality 3. Final Ownage Elite 4. Eruption of Pures 5. The Last Pures 6. The Hatred 7. Epidemic 8. Hostility 9. Corrupt Pures 10. NME 11. Malice 12. Intense Redemption 13. Zenith 14. Destructive Pures 15. Supremacy 16. The Golden Gods 17. Against All Odds 18. Hazard 19. Calamity 20. Redemption 21. Devastation 22. Control 23. Exiled Force 24. Carnage 25. New Pure Order 26. Carnage 27. Chaotic 28. Carpediem 29. Havoc 30. Zerg Unit
  2. derp, its not like 80 ppl actually joined cp, more like 10-20 who cares that ~20 cv tomatos merged into them. full out, probz gonna be 100v100 considering cp has some cv that have no idea how to war, make it 100v80 i dont see why you are so scared and have to flame me for it l0l
  3. you forgot the other half of the conversation where you declined the full out.. seen it on cp forums
  4. guess this is the eop propaganda? im pretty sure CP will prep you, just ask them what i heard is that eop declined everything cp asks.. preps, full out etc.. should keep it on your own forums, other clans don't need to hear the brainwashing in your rivalry
  5. probly trying to steal ur members get them to join dr LOL
  6. terrible performance people got way to cocky after round 1 we got punished for it
  7. Had a prep vs LT today peaked at 25 only did 2 rounds since LT had problems pulling the minimum.. Also had to re-do round 2 like 3 times since they had problems and other brown sticky stuff... Convo between wardy & sam in spoiler: Starting: 21 Ending: 16 Starting: 18 Ending: 9 Tim POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTt2X-fIj7k&feature=youtu.be Ricky POV: Lagg POV: Aquaxi POV:
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