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  1. As easy as 1....2...you don't even need 3
  2. Bow n Idle


    Sorry Izad it kinda has a rushed feel to it like its all been throwing together in 5 mins and i would try stay away from a bevel and embossed text effect to me bevel and emboss effect is not a good look and makes it look like you've just started photoshop
  3. Looking good buddy nice use of gradients and effects in most images.
  4. This is awsome, qwerky and unique keep it up!
  5. What is your real life name? Ross What are your hobbies?Graphic design,Gaming and Football(soccer)What is your RuneScape history?Ive played RS since the start.What are your goals for your RuneScape account?Just to be known would be an honourWhat clan are you in?None as of yet - will be applying for PhoenixAnything else:I love a challenge.
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