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    Daddy Nate reacted to Lankz in How's Envy tryna pipe up, they cant even pull more then 25 on their only mandatory tr   
    envy is trash lmfao EV Killer stay being our fan 
  2. Good Banter
    Daddy Nate got a reaction from Brock in @bt black son @byronbanks HMU if you ready to run them pockets.   
    How many times you going to retry clanning.? This will be at least your 6th attempt in the past year
  3. Like
    Daddy Nate got a reaction from Kanicus in #Vendetta back at it again.! Add Daddy Nate#5272 too make some big boy gp weekly/mont   
    Maybe next time we will set up something in your timezone 😎😙 
    Keep up the great work Bruther.! 
  4. Good Banter
    Daddy Nate reacted to Bryan in Vendetta   
  5. Good
    Daddy Nate got a reaction from Bryan in Vendetta   
    Coming for that #1 baby .! 
    #Long lines of vvvvvvvv
  6. Like
    Daddy Nate reacted to Pigwrestler7 in why do ppl post vids of minis like who the fuck cares lol   
    Are you salty because Fatality don’t win any?
  7. Like
    Daddy Nate reacted to CD closer in Just bullied @Daddy Nate off Sharkbrew TS3 and he was mute as fuck lmfaoooo retard   
    @F U D O G this kid teles in less than 2 seconds when he gets piled so he doesnt lose his wiz g hat l0000000000000000000l
  8. Thinking
    Daddy Nate got a reaction from Jimmy Neutron in @Daddy Nate next time you complain about people not wanting to fight you just remembe   
    You try so hard to be relevant lol, gratz on nightmare for walking next to their daddies cd, too bad yall cant 1v1 us
  9. Like
    Daddy Nate reacted to Fat Boy in @Kyo your ranks lying to u again https://gyazo.com/4d3266e354cb1f79e4edb47a5f24153d   
    tbh i forgot they had a CD guy in their 11v11 mini , godbless 
  10. Like
    Daddy Nate reacted to Fat Boy in @Ebag sf was a shit clan , the worst no hairline at a young age ass nigguh lmao   
    @Eztocrypt dumb reject theirs a reason why no one follows that nigguh @Control Pker anymore . he just sits in any xlpc for a rank 
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