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  1. So we currently classify as a mid/main clan, most of us rocking mid level accounts, however within our clan to break up the routine of running the same events each week, we have developed what we call out "Elite Groups", that are not to sound intimidating however, but we have some of these elite groups such as: Ascend Pures: where we will run a small trip for those of us who have pure accounts 1-20 defense, this is currently on the smaller side currently as people level their accounts for the time being South Hop: Anyone who has 84+ agility and can coordinate well with the rest of a small man team to pk below 30 line, this is a fan favorite currently Singles elite: some of those who are wanting to focus on more singles pking such as entrance Rush crew: Currently on standby as far as trips as we don't have specified 'Rush boss' after our had to attend IRL for a bit Pvm/Raids Crew: speaks for itself, they're constantly raiding or doing something in GWD/Corp/CoX, and I believe some of them are looking into ToB as well.
  2. Lol what does this even mean? Are you scared of our title?!? But to offer you any sort of comfort at night, We have an absolute 0 toxicity policy.
  3. PvP/PvM/Social clan Ascendance is now accepting new recruits. We are a tightly-knit clan of around 150 high level players looking for recruits that want to enjoy the great PvP and PvM content OSRS has to offer in a structured but friendly environment. REQUIREMENTS The requirements to formally join as a fully fledged member are as follows; 90+ Strength, Ranged, Magic 60+ Attack 100+ Combat *NOTE: If you don't quite meet the reqs you are still welcome to come hang out and earn your rank informally. *Range tank builds are exempt from the above melee requirements. ABOUT US Both new and experienced pkers/pvmers are welcome to apply. PvP Clan content ranges from group trips at revs and deep wildy, to elite rush, south hop, pures and singles teams. PvM content ranges from gwd trips to learner and elite raid crews. We have clan leaders based in EST, GMT and AEST so wherever you are from, we have you covered. HOW TO JOIN To join come and introduce yourself in our public lobby cc 'Ascend Rs' or add Syracusa#0707 / ZezimasBack#0265 / Kcatta#8765 on discord. From there we can see to getting you into our discord and applying to become a fully fledged member. Goodluck and see you in game!
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