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  1. lets just thank rot for playing runescape when they have all the autism to be the most prolific school shooters this side of eoc
  2. ssaymtae

    I Closed Rot

    no wonder rot has the highest suicide rate for ex-members (not a joke btw) they try to pretend they're all serious adults in post-grad studies and full time jobs, but if you actually spend any time doxing them, you find they're all a bunch of incels and neets. the ONE guy they had who did his phd was over 6 years and he was inactive as fuck if they weren't playing runescape, they'd be shooting up schools, so it's kind of a dicey situation to bully them too hard on rs
  3. ssaymtae

    Reign of trash

    not surprising. most of rot is a bunch of edgy incels. at least they're on runescape vs shooting up schools and shit