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  1. Never knew there was a pure clan called ''No Mercy''. I was in RoT back in '09 and our Mage Bank pk team was called No Mercy. Liked the name.
  2. Thank you. We try to grow ASAP, but as a new upcomming clan we aint doing bad.
  3. We decided to create a new design for the forums/discord. Let me know what you guys think about it.
  4. It's more that we left our old clan because they went xLPC and f2p. We dont like that at all, atleast not on that kind of low lvl 50's. Thats why we wanna do some rev pk trips, marks our name on the map and grow as that to do future weekend trips.
  5. We are using Team Cape 6 - the pink one from edge with grey hats. I know alot of snakes are out there. Have met them already Not yet tbh, we doing daily rev pk trips with some members. We wanna do weekend trips onces we pull around ~50 people. Won't take that long if i see how it goes now.
  6. Yes, we don't do f2p for now. Untill we pull more people. So it feels like p2p based for now.
  7. Thats correct. We picked a couple close friends of us. We have faith in those people. I hope it will works out with them. But all noses are in the same direction.
  8. Forums - Discord - Memberlist I ZayroSs I Genesis V SlimyNoMercy K4rhu Ospreay Atsigns Baxe Hit an Quit iShowNoMercy No Mercy is founded half way October 2019. Two friend who decided to make a new pure clan with the motivation to make it into a community/clan that is doing everything together. We do most of the time PvP, but PvM is also a option that we wanna do. We are all close to each other. Two leader who has been in the pure scene for already over 10 years. We wanna share our tips and tricks with the rest of No Mercy to make it into a clan that will never been forgotten. More video's and picture will comming soon!!!
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