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Found 14 results

  1. Hey everyone, quick update here. For a while now pures posting in the mains channel and vice versa has been an issue, we've had a lot of discussion around this, we've considered making opt in roles when you join the server that limit access to said channels, make the channels read only etc. However for the time being at least we have decided these ideas would be too radical, we don't want to completely split the community's, only make sure that every community gets its own voice. We are aware that pures in particular often go to the bonfire channel to have mature discussions, post their topics etc. With this in mind: We have created a new channel called "ceasefire". This channel is for both the pure and main community's where people can have mature discussions post their topics etc. This means that we will now be enforcing NO main content in campfire unless it directly relates to pures (for example discussing the affects of mains on the pure scene is fine) NO pure content in bonfire unless it directly relates to mains (for example discussing the affects of pures on the main scene is fine) We hope with these changes both community's will prosper.
  2. Please be reminded that advertising for leaks or spies is prohibited on sharkbrew I have disabled the ability for new members/members to receive private messages as such
  3. Fixed and back online
  4. In-spite of the warning message displayed at the beginning of the registration page: I noticed users still using seemingly legitimate email address that may be linked to RS accounts, therefore I decided to create a system to encrypt all email address at all levels on sharkbrew- front end Admin control panel And finally at the database level end Users will still be able to receive emails, however neither myself nor any of my staff or admins can see the legitimate email addres-only the encrypted one. **Note** When changing your email address, you will momentarily see your actual email, please give it 1-2 minutes for my automated script to discover your email and to issue you your encrypted address
  5. Given the cancerous nature of discord these past few days we've been given numerous different opinions on how to deal with the cesspool of derogatory flames mainly directed from two clans. Many enjoy this sort of stuff while many do not, as such I have created a new channel #blast-furnace . This channel will be un-modded. The only rules for this channel will be strictly no doxing and no mass tagging. Do not be surprised if failure to comply with these two rules results in your immediate banning off the discord. Now this channel has been created we will be enforcing a more civil tone to #campfire and I implore everyone to move their grievances to the new channel. Failure to conform to these rules will result in you receiving the Peasant rank (the rank given when you are muted). Peasant rank will still have the ability to speak in #blast-furnace tl;dr If you don't conform, we'll make you conform. This will bring back a sense of normality to those looking to chat in campfire, while giving a platform for those of you who just want to shout and scream. -Sb Staff
  6. Category tabs will now automatically switch to the tab you selected previously
  7. I finally found a plugin that allows me to separate forum section and categories. I hope the new layout is a lot cleaner and more intuitive for newer members. Please vote on whether you like this update and I welcome any suggestions ty
  8. when shit banter reaction is used inappropriately or as a harassment tool, it loses its significance. In light of this abuse, I have changed the function where u can only receive 1 shit banter reaction every couple of days.
  9. After giving someone a negative reputation, you will be prevented from giving negative reputations for sometime
  10. We are in the process of tightening up the forum and discord rules but unfortunately we are not quite done yet. However in the past couple of days, there has been a disturbing trend of insinuation of doxes where members would highlight 1 key detail in an irl picture they may or may not have seen. Regardless of whether the detail is true, we are not going to condone such behavior as we believe spillover effect will occur and a full blown dox war may occur as a result. Thus, temporarily(until further notice) all dox insinuation in discord or forums will result in a 1 week suspension on both platforms. @Member @New Member @Kingpin @Veteran
  11. Improved the betting UI to show the amount you bet, the winner, and how much you won. Fixed hotlinking to event Increase max donation amount to 200
  12. This is the proposed new skin which should look more compact than the previous skin. Calum will be working on this skin soon after I update the site. Do explore the site and vote on your preference. You may revert back to the previous skin by scrolling to the bottom and selecting the previous skin
  13. Topic bump has been implemented - thanks @Team Paradox! Sidebar profile has been reshuffled thanks @Grabbin Forums have been reshuffled thanks @Murd Pure sectons has been split accordingly, thanks @Wee Man Sharkbrew will be changing her skin soon. Do reply to this topic if you want to propose new updates brew
  14. New Members will not be able to use reactions New members must wait 1 day and 20 pc to be promoted to Member Reactions now give 2 SharkPoints, so the guy whom u been giving poor banter- you are making him/her richer Replies to topics has been bumped to 3 SharkPoints
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