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Found 58 results

  1. INTRODUCTION Avalon is an OSRS clan for Rune Pures, Range Tanks & Med Builds! We currently have a Solid Memberbase with Experienced Players. People who are interested in taking part of this New and Improved Avalon can start by introducing them on our newly created Forums. Join our Forums and Discord today! Avalon will strive to be once more the Most Active, Mature and Honorable Clan in Old School RuneScape. Follow our twitter for LIVE vengeance leaks! https://twitter.com/Avalon_OSRS/ https://twitter.com/Avalon_OSRS/ 'A collection of our Videos' and many more... OUR FOCUS Welcome to Avalon's Official Clan Recruitment Thread. Avalon is going for an organized Rune Pure, Range Tank & Med Build Clan with people from all around the world. Our main focus lays in Multi Pking and CWA Fights, to create more action in the game we all love playing and to have fun while doing so. All other activities happen in the clan as well but are not mandatory like Bossing, Skilling, Competitions, etc... We have our own Website and require Discord for communication. Avalon will be run professionally, have the organization and experience. For obvious reasons this won't take much time to reclaim our throne. CLAN INFO Forums: https://rs-av.net Public Clan Chat: nice try yall..LOL! Public Discord Server: https://discord.gg/5PUNMPJ
  2. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=2454 Vitality approached us for a fight. We set the date to this Sunday and agreed on the following rules: Rules: Multi Spells 30 Minute Cap Bulwarks OFF No Gear Cap We prepared ourselves for a challenge. Meeting at the fight location, we took up our positions, then they rushed in. Thanks to some impressive calling by our current MOTM Shock, the fight was fairly even. A couple of minutes into the fight, we were able to catch Vitality in a barrage clump and we definitely capitalized on it. Once we broke 40 on TS, Vitality was unable to recover the momentum, but they fought well considering they were outnumbered by 10. AV ending: 38 men (185 opts) Vit ending: 32 men (155 opts) Meanwhile, the great(ly deluded) minds at VR HQ decided to crash our fight with Vit, presumably due to AV humiliating them last Friday. Needless to say, they had little effect on either of us; at best, they killed a few stragglers before being wiped out completely. With our prepped fight over, and with a score to settle, we quickly scouted out VR and promptly taught them a lesson. Unfortunately for Vanguard, who wasn't ready to fight a clan of our caliber, ran into us soon after. They declined our offer to fight a second time. With deep wildy cleared out, we moved to rev caves. There we found Ibliys, who along with SV we fought in a 1v1v1 cluster, before we eventually dipped upon the appearance of ROT. Later, we ran into Vitality again, who fought us twice more; the first time we managed to clear them, but the second time they pulled out a win. No excuses from us; well fought. A couple of pics from fighting Vitality: More loot: Thanks for the fights Vitality. Much respect to you all. Rune Pure, Med Level or Ranged Tank? Join the Best 'Rune Pure & Tank' clan @ av-rs.com
  3. topic created by Fatigues | view original topic Hell bent on cleansing the wilderness of it's impurities, Vengeance rolled out, 20 warriors strong. We sought blood, and we claimed what we sought. Initially beginning the brutality in the revenant caves, we had use of the caves uncontested for well over 2 hours. Opting out to take our forces elsewhere after not being able to find a fight willing to remain in gear, or willing to fight us 1v1. After clearing a pure clan (with around 5-10 mains coming to their rescue LOL) we found ourselves at Annakarl. Finding a few odds and ends here, at glory, hill and RdG, we continued to move to Chaos altar, and the domination lasted until we called off the bloodshed. Thank you to all of the soldiers that went to war today. Spoils Of War:
  4. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original Topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=1810 Part 1: Vengeance Prep Vengeance, the only other honorable Rune Pure/Tank clan in the clan world, messaged us for a fight earlier this week. With a cool 29 warriors we set out to PVP World Falador, eager for a match up that has long been postponed. The fight was more or less over as soon as we rushed, due to a strong starting pull and multiple Veng officials unable to attend. Much respect, we look forward to next time. Part 2: Avalon smokes Turmoil in record speed The muscle flex just beginning, we instantly got locs on Turmoil in the middle of Revs. Much like the Veng fight, and much like any other time we fought Turmoil, the fight was over as soon as we rushed in. During this stage of our day out Turmoil had little to no in-game spam, let alone a competent caller, and forced their members to suicide return in order to prolong their presence. The balance of power was obviously in our favor, and due to this short fight being a clean 1v1 they didn't stand a chance. Just look at the minimap in the video for white dots, they're near nonexistant. Part 3: AV v. Turmoil+Jaja+PD+Ibilys+AC Turmoil, with half the clan world on speeddial, began begging every other clan and open cc they've heard of to bail them out. With the majority of Turmoil running south to log out or tele, we began falling in to take our ending - only for Jaja (and later PD) to log in northeast of us. Turmoil took their regroup in Edge then rushed in as well. That's fine with us, we can handle a 1v3. A cluster formed, if you can call it that, because it was basically a 40v100 of Avalon vs. Everyone else. Jaja were straight up fighting with Turmoil. DK and Ibilys were ragging us. AC hit our returners in the fight world. And you know what? It didn't matter. We have the dedication of our memberbase - we gained and sustained our pull throughout most of the fight. We have the experience to deal with any bs like this that you throw at us. The only thing you have left are your allies - and they can't carry you forever. We stood our ground for the whole 2 hours, barraging out Turmoil again and again. It was rare to cast on a Turmoil member without a 500xp drop. Meanwhile, Turmoil barraged their own members multiple times and spammed "LMFAOOO" in game... At the end of the day, Turmoil was cleared in 4 minutes, then had to resort to calling (at least 3) other main clans. Evidently Turmoil can't handle a 1v1 against any notable clan... 1v5 np Turmoil lying to themselves: Mains: PD: Addy kite: Mains + Killpics:
  5. www.Turmoil-rs.com Uncontested #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan. CC: Turmoil_Clan l l Home World: 346 This Sunday we had prepared a P2P CWA vs Team Alpha and decided to go on a little PK trip before that, clearing some pures before running into a dead clan walking in the rare sight of Avalon with 30 people at Rev Caves. Knowing that this was the best opportunity we've had to actually fight these RSC warriors we logged in en masse and the 2 hour fight began, with our spams towering over theirs for the entire fight and our men having to bank multiple times for bolts and runes since we just were not dying. Anonymous Community showed up and tried to help the dying clan but Jaja came in and the two main clans fought each other leaving it to be decided who was the superior zerk/tank/med clan, and now we have our answer. Try camp our returners idiots AVALON RAN OUT OF SETS LMFAO +1s from Avalon: Pictures of the slaughter:
  6. www.Turmoil-rs.com Uncontested #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan. CC: Turmoil_Clan l l Home World: 346 While our competition spends their free time writing propaganda (lol) we quickly massed up and peaked 27 on Teamspeak to wreck some GMT-mayhem in the Revenant caves with the hopes of finding some clans. Unfortunately nobody was out but for some pures, but we managed to kill everything on sight. Can't write a lot as it was just way too easy, step up competition.
  7. Uncontested #1 Rune Pure/Mid/Tank Clan Turmoil-Rs.Com || CC: "Turmoil_Clan" || Home World: 346 Massed a quick 25 men when we heard our "competition" might be having a pk trip in the Rev caves. After a quick sweep we ran into Ibliys, who we barraged out right before Vengeance decided to "bait" us, and get barraged out on their own. After Barraging out Vengeance we went and cleared ibliys quickly and cleanly. We ran the caves uncontested for 20-30 minutes until running into Avalon, clearing them without a problem in 5 minutes. Easy as always, thanks gents. VIDEO COMING SOON Vengeance Gwas: Ibliys Cleared: Avalon Cleared: Kills Pictures: Prepare. For. Chaos. https://turmoil-rs.com/
  8. topic created by Joseph | original topic source Massed up a few Vikings and headed out to the rev caves to see what was happening. Immediately ran into a decent squad of IR members. After a short battle we killed off a good majority of them and the rest teleported. Soon after they left, DK tried to slide in. After another relatively short battle we cleared them as well. Throughout the rest of the trip we had a couple more brief interchanges with DK but nothing too involved. Spotted a smaller number of VNG members towards the south and our larger numbers made short work of them. Later on we were catching a few random pures in a clump towards the north and accidentally brought a couple VR members into the pile. Sorry fellas. To wrap things up, we logged in on LT and subsequently picked them clean with our ice & weasels. Overall lots of clan action, picked up a few ballistae and a bunch of bracelets for our future endeavors. Thanks for all the action!
  9. topic created by Joseph - original topic source I approached WG last week for a fight and Mojo happily accepted after a discussion of some rules. We agreed upon a 30 minute cap and even ops depending on mass pull. Vengeance gained up to about 25 hungry warriors and ended up dropping down to 14 to match with WG's ops. We clocked our timers and the 30 minute scrap began. Everything between the two teams was clean and professional, which was expected to say the least. After about 25 minutes into the fight DK (downy kingz) made a poor attempt to crash the fight but were easily dealt with. Thank you, come again. Both teams preformed very well and respectfully. Much respect to WG for giving us a clean fight. Hope to do it again soon in the future. Thanks all for the action.
  10. Today was another day in the caves for the fierce and always hungry Vengeance warriors. Today was going to be different though, today was going to be LIVE ACTION. Skipping through the boring parts, Vengeance clashed with AV and started the hour and half long scrap. Vengeance swiftly transitioned through each pile literally sprinting back and forth through the caves. Our feet never stopped moving as we nimbly dodged VR singles campers, blood thirsty to get back to the fight. MisFits attempted to crash but were easily dealt with as Veng & AV teamed on crash to take out the trash as usual. Maybe next time? The fight continued, constantly turning back and forth. Tanks after tanks, clumps after clumps, piles after piles, LOOT AFTER LOOT. LIVE ACTION. The fight took its turning point as Avalon decided to pull out an hour and a half later. Much respect to AV for giving Veng their best fight to date. Thank you to all who were there. awkward..
  11. Topic created by Joseph | Original Topic Source Today the boys decided to take a walk in the park. Although there wasn't much action out, we decided to make the best of it and collect debt from anything in sight. We took off strong collecting a couple +1s quickly at the begging of the trip. As we continued on, Vengeance eventually logged into MisFits who put up a short fight but were outnumbered from the start. Through out the night we had a fewscraps with VR who always provide some tasty action. Our night flew by and we stuffed our pockets as fat as we could. As the night came to an end we took on a quick sweep of alter leaving our men full and satisfied. Thanks all for the action
  12. Website www.turmoil-rs.com Discord : https://discord.gg/EzZgmWk
  13. Today Vengeance faced against Vanguard in a friendly 20 minute 15v15 PKRI Was loads of fun and a good experience for all who were there. Proud of how you boys preformed today. Shout out to @ for vidding and showing us how to properly return https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjBO3ghg2Bk
  14. Earlier last week we agreed upon a 55 def cap CWA vs the new main clan Nemesis. Stepped inside portal for the first time beforehand for some warm ups and then hopped into their world for the fight. Round one saw us get off to a really slow start, but through our superior member quality and strong transitions we took the lead and never relinquished it. R2 was nothing short of a slaughter, nearly winning by double digits. After this round, we noticed Nemesis logging out, opting not to fight R3. Afterwards we went to Rev caves and immediately found Nemesis and pures. Did a quick sweep and got rich as **** as per usual. Thanks for the action all. Round 1: Round 2: Video: (pk trip, pics in no particular order)
  15. The Turminators headed out to go hit the caves and off the bat we got some pretty good action with some pures. Right after that we ran into Renegades and fought them for a bit before we decided to regroup and fought them a second time for 20-30 mins. Thanks for the fight fellas. Went to check altar and then finished up at caves.
  16. topic created by Nick | original topic source Today we massed up 20 strong vikings in order to clear up any opposition in the Rev caves. We first discovered Divine Kings in the caves who were instantly caught in a wicked clump. The scrap did not last long, but as they were nearly cleared, Turmoil rushed in, forcing our previously weakened troops to tele out. After regrouping and returning to the caves, we ran into Turmoil again, scrapping for only a short period of time before spotting random mains crashing us and we left again. We then cleared the caves for a while until we ran into Avalon, who we scrapped with for 45 minutes. Some time into the fight, DK made another appearance, until both AV and Veng teamed to clear them out. Around the 45 minute mark, the fight had become lousy with random crashers and more looters than there were pkers, so both teams decided to call it a draw. Good fight AV. Thanks to everyone who came. Pictures:
  17. Website : www.turmoil-rs.com Discord : https://discord.gg/bXPVbN As is tradition now for the strongest Zerk clan we rang the bells once again on this balmy Saturday evening to commence our normal sweep with 37 big dick Draconic niggas, running into Teamsweden and Cutthroat at first with whom we had a few exchanges of barrages before hunting Vengeance from altar to revs until they called it a night, as did we with our loot. Pics
  18. topic created by Joseph | original topic source Today our troops set out strong during the GMT time zone to dabble with the 4ners. The action started up quick as we slithered between each world to find whatever action we could feast upon. Team Sweden was the first to show put up a fight with Vengeance. We clashed instantly, turning the fight in our favor and clearing them from the caves. Continuing on, we then ran into a few Violent Resolution members who attempted to log from us but left a few stragglers behind for our hungry vikings to feast upon. RIP David. Hungry for more, our warriors spotted Misfits in the caves and as we rallied in the troops we cleared them without much resistance. We attempted to scrap with Turmoil but had to dip as VR came to crash the fight. Too bad. A fight is much over due. After regrouping, we ran into a small band of Cutthroat members in the north part of the tunnels. They rushed south into us but our men were on their toes and ready. We quickly got clumps and began gwassing them until they were forced to retreat, inevitably getting cleared. Thanks to everyone for the action
  19. Topic created by Joseph | Original Topic Source Today Vengeance showed their dominance in the wild as we transitioned with ease throughout the night for nearly 4 hours, picking up huge looties along the way. PvP Master, Geno & friends were the first up to challenge the mighty Vikings, consequently resulting in multiple clears. The "Masters" returned, repeatedly catching themselves in clumps and falling before our hungry warriors. Thanks for the challenge. For hours, Vengeance fought uncontested claiming what was due to them. SoG sought us out with curiosity only to find themselves running and logging throughout the night. Continuing on, we cleared multiple random main clans along with unnamed pure teams. As the night came to an end, we spotted AV lurking about so we instantly called in the troops. There was about 30 seconds of good action before the fight, unfortunately, got crashed by PD. We called for a regroup and set out again to find AV for another scrap, after spotting the bright green & purple kites our troops flew in only to see PD once again crash what would have been a fun experience. Thanks all for the action Also shout out to @ on 99 mage, good shit dude.
  20. Massed up an easy 20 men to go hit the caves, got some pics (forgot to ask at the end because I'm braindead) and made some bank loot until the caves were cleared Pics:
  21. Our late night Eastern Time Zone Warriors ventured out to find the scum of Gielinor and massive looties. After clearing Altar with our fearless Leader, William of the Trilliams III, a small few of the bravest owners took it upon themselves to clear the rest of the wild. Only did we know what stood before us. Avalon? The Goons? Not even close. The Great Bear of the North, Callisto, held much fortune as we cleared single team after single team leaving millions for the taking. We then had no choice but to search around GDZ for more. After a small scrap with a CL small man we assumed we were victorious after we could no longer find them. Once CL had disappeared we were then met by none other than, The Boys. We were outnumbered but our pride was not stained. We once again emerged victorious taking hold and chasing The Boys to the 30 line. Ours scouts then had sights on Geno at 55 ports. Being completely uncontested we had high hopes for a quarrel. Once again, the competition stood no chance. Geno was swept. I must say. Was fun. Thanks to all who participated. Prepare. For. Chaos. https://turmoil-rs.com/
  22. After absolutely dominating our competition last night, we hoped they would be massing to fight us today when we headed into the wilderness. Big surprise here, but they yet again declined. So we went sweeping rev caves before we caught word of a large pure battle going on. We teled up GDZ and cleared mains on glory hill and some stragglers. After fighting deep wildy for about 15 minutes everything cleared up so we went back to caves. Shortly after hoping around we ran into Renegades and the fight commenced. After about 15 minutes we cleared the battle field and teled out. Thanks for the clean as heck action, glad to see you guys back, best of luck on your opening! Went back to caves and fought some DK and gwassed Ibily's team. Turmoil wins again baby
  23. topic created by Fatigues aka Dylan | original topic source Saturday is a day for the Moose to feast, and the feast was bountiful. Virtually Pking all day long, we swiped +1s off every major team that put up a fight in Revenant Caves. Moving around to chaos altar, then back to the caves we found fights with various pure teams, and mains. Enjoy the extra funds bois, today was a fucking fun one. Loots:
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