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  1. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=3010 With the boys hungry for loot, Devotee started off a smallman PK in rev caves. We quickly gained to a solid 21 men in order to hunt some clans. Our "rivals" were nowhere to be found, but luckily for us there was still some action left for us. We scouted around and found VNG who once we caught them began fighting back. They put up a decent fight but ultimately succumbed to our presence. With this scrap dealt with, we went off to smoke the rest of the wilderness. Ran into WG and cleared em a few times. Scrapped with Isis. Many random teams were cleared. All in all a solid trip. Look forward to more. More to come. Rune Pure, Med Level or Ranged Tank? Join the Best 'Rune Pure & Tank' clan @ av-rs.com
  2. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=2961 Today we caught wind that our self-proclaimed "rivals" were attempting to PK. After getting a quick mass, we flew out to the Revenant Caves where we proceeded to hunt them for the better part of two hours. We reduced this "honor" clan to rags within a few short scraps and they stayed that way until they couldn't bear to return. See ya next time Veng, hope you can stay geared next time. Miscellaneous PKs from the Trip: Thanks to everyone who came to the trip. c u soon venge Rune Pure, Med Level or Ranged Tank? Join the Best 'Rune Pure & Tank' clan @ av-rs.com
  3. All the guys would say she's mighty fine
  4. Era? Don't flatter yourselves, he was always skipping trips for Rev meanwhile you couldn't handle leading for more than a week This "community clan" has done more with itself than you two ever could. Even STL was a better leader than you
  5. You're right, AV was much better when you were "leading"
  6. http://rs-avalon.com/ Take a look friend
  7. Only members + intros/allies Not hard to earn an invite though
  8. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=2913 We hit up spider hill with our quick mass of 8 men to clear some teams in full Mystic. Cleared out the loc quickly of Veracers then headed farther north. Before long we logged into Hitsquad at Glory Hill and another team, pushing them both south to single strip. As we waited for them to return, we pushed from new gate to gap where an even opt fight ensued. Hitsquad was smacked around all of GDZ until we had them cleared more quickly than they could tele back up. Getting bored of waiting for our competition to come back, we sounded the horn and followed them to Edgeville. After a quick two minute wait where a handful of Hitsquad members teled up to suicide in 1item, we declared the fight over. We ported our way from 50s to 44s and moved south to Altar. We quickly ran into Maple Seed, the same kid we dropped for max a few days ago. One push into singles and his "team" fled south to tele out at Graveyard. With this distraction dealt with, we made short work of several other small teams as well. Having cleared out Altar of big bonemen and small bonemen alike, we headed to CWA to switch it up for some max gear inners to call it a night. Pretty good night for the birdclan. Easy money at KBD afterward too. Rune Pure, Med Level or Ranged Tank? Join the Best 'Rune Pure & Tank' clan @ av-rs.com
  9. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=2905 Called a quick mass to PK. As we scouted out ROT in rev caves we did the sensible thing by teleing up deep instead. Before long we ran into Vitality, who we fought for several minutes at GDZ until WG appeared from gap and a cluster formed. We left them to duke it out, and ported our way on out of the wilderness. We made a quick pitstop at 44s to take a quick looksie at what awaited us at altar. As we hopped around lo and behold we discovered Veng v3 was there. We gave em a quick dickens and they ran to log out immediately. After our encounter we gained some more men onto TS, peaking at 18. With altar cleared out of bonemen and the caves now empty, we headed on back to rev caves. It didn't take long until we ran into Venge again. Their reliance on hugging the 30 line backfired completely, as we caught them in a 6-7 man barrage clump that all but cleared them in one fell swoop. Venge as always is not quick to learn, and kept teleing back up to rev caves for some more rounds of Charles Dickens. With little left to entertain us at caves, we headed on back to altar. Venge eventually decided to follow suit, and once we ran into them it wasn't long until they were once again sitting in singles. Unafraid to fight Venge in any location, be it multi or single, we began our pursuit and chased them all the way down to the Graveyard, where they were eventually forced out of the wilderness. We carried on to legit feast at altar until we eventually called it a night. Vit fight: Thanks for the encounter Vitality. Til next time Venge Rune Pure, Med Level or Ranged Tank? Join the Best 'Rune Pure & Tank' clan @ av-rs.com
  10. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=2875 We got word of people pking in multi with max so flew into TS to raid the wilderness. We ended up hitting up Spider hill trying to get the single pker in max to come back into multi without success, so we decided to move to GDZ where we had been alerted of not one, but two more people in multi in max. As we were splitting our 500m kill we noticed the three stooges hanging around the bank chatting. Appreciate the cash! Hungry for more, we went to the altar and cleared several teams / randoms before dropping a single pker for another 20m. Later in the night we continued PKing around GDZ and cleared a few random teams, further adding cash to Avalon's coffers. Was fun pals. Rune Pure, Med Level or Ranged Tank? Join the Best 'Rune Pure & Tank' clan @ av-rs.com
  11. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=2454 Vitality approached us for a fight. We set the date to this Sunday and agreed on the following rules: Rules: Multi Spells 30 Minute Cap Bulwarks OFF No Gear Cap We prepared ourselves for a challenge. Meeting at the fight location, we took up our positions, then they rushed in. Thanks to some impressive calling by our current MOTM Shock, the fight was fairly even. A couple of minutes into the fight, we were able to catch Vitality in a barrage clump and we definitely capitalized on it. Once we broke 40 on TS, Vitality was unable to recover the momentum, but they fought well considering they were outnumbered by 10. AV ending: 38 men (185 opts) Vit ending: 32 men (155 opts) Meanwhile, the great(ly deluded) minds at VR HQ decided to crash our fight with Vit, presumably due to AV humiliating them last Friday. Needless to say, they had little effect on either of us; at best, they killed a few stragglers before being wiped out completely. With our prepped fight over, and with a score to settle, we quickly scouted out VR and promptly taught them a lesson. Unfortunately for Vanguard, who wasn't ready to fight a clan of our caliber, ran into us soon after. They declined our offer to fight a second time. With deep wildy cleared out, we moved to rev caves. There we found Ibliys, who along with SV we fought in a 1v1v1 cluster, before we eventually dipped upon the appearance of ROT. Later, we ran into Vitality again, who fought us twice more; the first time we managed to clear them, but the second time they pulled out a win. No excuses from us; well fought. A couple of pics from fighting Vitality: More loot: Thanks for the fights Vitality. Much respect to you all. Rune Pure, Med Level or Ranged Tank? Join the Best 'Rune Pure & Tank' clan @ av-rs.com
  12. Jaja: PD: AC: As you can see, Jaja was clearly not ACing AC. They were fighting with Turmoil, PD was BGSing us north, and AC was hitting our returners. From the video of the fight between AV and Turmoil you can see they are barely on the map, and that stayed this way until Jaja and these other clans came to bail them out.
  13. Avalon ~ The Last Rune Pure & Tank Clan | rs-avalon.com Original Topic: http://rs-avalon.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=1810 Part 1: Vengeance Prep Vengeance, the only other honorable Rune Pure/Tank clan in the clan world, messaged us for a fight earlier this week. With a cool 29 warriors we set out to PVP World Falador, eager for a match up that has long been postponed. The fight was more or less over as soon as we rushed, due to a strong starting pull and multiple Veng officials unable to attend. Much respect, we look forward to next time. Part 2: Avalon smokes Turmoil in record speed The muscle flex just beginning, we instantly got locs on Turmoil in the middle of Revs. Much like the Veng fight, and much like any other time we fought Turmoil, the fight was over as soon as we rushed in. During this stage of our day out Turmoil had little to no in-game spam, let alone a competent caller, and forced their members to suicide return in order to prolong their presence. The balance of power was obviously in our favor, and due to this short fight being a clean 1v1 they didn't stand a chance. Just look at the minimap in the video for white dots, they're near nonexistant. Part 3: AV v. Turmoil+Jaja+PD+Ibilys+AC Turmoil, with half the clan world on speeddial, began begging every other clan and open cc they've heard of to bail them out. With the majority of Turmoil running south to log out or tele, we began falling in to take our ending - only for Jaja (and later PD) to log in northeast of us. Turmoil took their regroup in Edge then rushed in as well. That's fine with us, we can handle a 1v3. A cluster formed, if you can call it that, because it was basically a 40v100 of Avalon vs. Everyone else. Jaja were straight up fighting with Turmoil. DK and Ibilys were ragging us. AC hit our returners in the fight world. And you know what? It didn't matter. We have the dedication of our memberbase - we gained and sustained our pull throughout most of the fight. We have the experience to deal with any bs like this that you throw at us. The only thing you have left are your allies - and they can't carry you forever. We stood our ground for the whole 2 hours, barraging out Turmoil again and again. It was rare to cast on a Turmoil member without a 500xp drop. Meanwhile, Turmoil barraged their own members multiple times and spammed "LMFAOOO" in game... At the end of the day, Turmoil was cleared in 4 minutes, then had to resort to calling (at least 3) other main clans. Evidently Turmoil can't handle a 1v1 against any notable clan... 1v5 np Turmoil lying to themselves: Mains: PD: Addy kite: Mains + Killpics:
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