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Found 58 results

  1. As the weekend rolled around, and because all our ranks are socially awkward with nothing to do irl, we decided we may as well hit up the caves with a quick 10 minute mass. This would later turn into an easy 45 man pull to bully everything in our path, pking for 4 straight hours without any serious threat to our dominance. Another day without any sight of our rivals, at least Veng tried pking! Part 1: The Caves Rolled through the caves for a good 3 hours, we saw glimpes of Vengeance, the latest iteration of Intense Redemption and various pure clans but nobody really had the mettle to test our men and they all fell within minutes. Part 2: Damage Inc We caught Damage Inc south of gap with a decent pull and so rallied the men to fight, with our spams held high and spears piercing their armour we would fight for around 30 minutes in which the Dragons put in a terrific performance, before the Reign of Terror swooped in and summarily cleared the battlefield. +1s: Pics: https://puu.sh/AgJtq/f05c1f5ef2.png
  2. topic created by Joseph | original topic source Yet another day of success for Vengeance. We set out this evening with one thing in mind, more kills & more loot. Our warriors started in the caves which were already occupied so we quickly decided to take it deep. We ended up at chaos altar sweeping up a few small mans and bone runners for easy money. After making our way back to the caves, we instantly hit action with pures. We continuously bumped heads with IR & MF throughout the night. As the night slowed down we ended our trip with a quick scrap with CL. Thanks all for the fights.
  3. topic created by Joseph | original topic source Today Vengeance massed up some stronK warriors to hit the caves and see what was out. We hit the ground running, instantly collecting +1s as we clashed through the caves. The evening was good for us as we hopped from world to world to find whatever good action came our way. There were a few good fights with unknown main teams that provided us with decent scraps along with SOG cc making their attempts to hold up a fight. Nonetheless, it's always a good day for Vengeance. Thanks all for the action. #VengUp
  4. Massed up a bit later this fine evening and headed to caves where we started hoping. We initially went to bait Misfits but only killed 4-5 of them as the rest didn't follow. VR then stumbled upon us and the fight started out with them having better positioning and control. Due to our superior numbers and quality we started rapidly turning the pendulum in our favor. The fight moved inside dragons and it lasted about 10-15 minutes before we opted to pull out due to being hit by another team, opting not to fight 2v1, we regrouped and headed back out. Overall we moved between rev caves and altar and got some sweet loot along the way. (No particular order)
  5. topic created by Fatigues | original topic sourc Wednesday. A day of bloodshed. Tonight we strolled through Rev caves 22 moose strong. We ran into IR, COA, PD, and various random cc teams. Finding no competition other than PD opting to BGS us instead of giving us action. Regardless, we walked away with heavy pockets, and huge antlers. Loot:
  6. Today we decided to go on a pk trip hoping to find Avalon or Vengeance to come fight but unfortunately we ended up fighting mains again for the 7th time in a row. shout out to Avalon their last pk trip was on April 22nd. since then they have been trying to pk but quickly being ended by every clan. Fight vs DK We cleared Divine Kings twice and forced them to below 30 wilderness to the point where they would refuse to come up to lvl 30 and fight. thanks for the "fight" and thanks for the multiple zgs and tents. Part 2 of the trip we continued to hunt Divine kings small man clearing them multiple times at the Rev caves. after Diving kings ended we continued to sweep the rev caves till we called it a day since no clans (Avalon,Vengeance) came to hit us.
  7. This afternoon a little birdy told us that a certain clan was out pking on a small man. We waited about 30 minutes to see if they would gain, but sadly we were disappointed. We logged into Avalon on glory hill and instantly started to wipe them off the map. Outnumbered, outplayed and outgunned each wounded bird fell to the mighty Turminators. We poked TS hoping this would motivate them to mass up, but yet again we were left disappointed. Thanks for the 30 second fight Avalon, keep up the good work. After this we went to go PK in rev caves and got more +1s as usual.
  8. This afternoon a little birdy told us that a certain clan was out pking on a small man. We waited about 30 minutes to see if they would gain, but sadly we were disappointed. We logged into Avalon on glory hill and instantly started to wipe them off the map. Outnumbered, outplayed and outgunned each wounded bird fell to the mighty Turminators. We poked TS hoping this would motivate them to mass up, but yet again we were left disappointed. Thanks for the 30 second fight Avalon, keep up the good work. After this we went to go PK in rev caves and got more +1s as usual.
  9. We started out with our normal evening sweep but ended up gaining to a massive 47 men as we heard that certain clans were in our caves, maintaining a 40+ pull for 3 hours as we ended the successive trips of Violent Resolution, Divine Kings, Vengeance and Doom. Ty for the loot and action everyone! Part 1: Violent Resolution About an hour into the trip we heard VR was heading out into the caves with a decent pull so we scouted their world, sent in a bait and waited for the perfect moment - it took less than 1 minute for the entirety of their pull to be wiped off the map as they got into a horrendous barrage pile on the northeast side of rev caves, their members helpless under our mass of barrage and chins. Part 2: Divine Kings We had a few ""fights"" with these lot, going to condense it all into a short sentence because otherwise I'd be typing a 3 page essay on what we did to DK each time, so as to keep it succinct - DK fucking smoked. Part 3: Vengeance Heard that these guys were massing up as well, we patiently waited until they went out into the wilderness but unfortunately they didn't fight back and were never seen again afterwards Part 4: Doom All I'm going to say is respect for fighting back with your decent pull, but yeah pures vs accs with def is only going to end 1 way. +1s Pics (no order, too much action to categorise):
  10. ( I'll start with the desert first) So after our PK trip in GMT we decided to go see what the Turminator intelligence unit had to offer, and nearly instantly the radar went off and just south of us a team logged in only to die instantly and lose everyone of their +1s. In total we claimed ten +1s from that and made a quick 12mil in mere seconds. We pked in the caves for around 2 hours roughly and had some good scraps with main clans and Misfits. GMT FEAST: (no particular order)
  11. Once again the evening rolled around and again, on no prep, we massed up another 30 men to trawl the wilderness, running into multiple main and pure clans for a good 2 hours killing everything in our path. Thanks world for the loot, we're fucking rich baby Part 1 We ran into Violent Resolution not too long into our trip and we had a few scuffles, the first of which got rushed by Jaja. After attempts to negotiate a capped fight broke down, we caught VR in the wilderness again at Rev caves and our strong pull all showed up to spend the next 20 minutes smoking the men in blue, forcing them back north into single then taking ending in the centre of revs to cement our victory. Part 2 After VR left we started pking again and found Divine Forces at our caves, logging into their leader Murray while on routine patrol. Knowing what was coming we spread our 30 loot hungry warriors around the cave and waited for them to log in, which they obligingly did, and much like Sunday our men proved too much for the grey kites as we transitioned through their magers and kept spams high until Cutthroat rushed the fight from the north, prompting both clans to take their leave. They also tried to BGS me but failed lol, ty for the zgs. Part 3 After the aforementioned fights we spent the next half an hour spinning through the caves killing anything we saw until it was emptied out and we retired to call it a night, sitting pretty on our engorged banks. Thanks clans for the action, great to see you all out +1s: Pics: Edited 29 minutes ago by Rams
  12. Massed up after watching some football together and decided to go sweep caves. Peaked at 30 with no prep and cleared nearly everything we ran into. Started out at caves and swept, checked deep (big surprise it was dead) and then went back to caves to finish up. Had multiple scraps with some pure clans and then some small main teams before a little scrap with Divine Kings. Thanks to all my strong Turminators for coming out and owning.
  13. Now that we finally got forums up and running we thought we'd celebrate by taking the clan out for a spin and we massed up a cool 45 men to go trawl the wild. After clearing a few mains and pures here and there we ran into Divine Forces and the fight began, our superior numbers and spams towering over the battlefield as they crumbled beneath our might. They gave us a good fight for 30 odd minutes but then saw the writing on the wall and decided to call it an evening, thanks for the fight boys ORIGINAL TOPIC: http://turmoil-rs.co...-divine-forces/ After this, we then proceded to kill some lil mains and pures for the rest of the night before retiring with our tasty loot and victories for a very succesful opening trip. Grats Winnie on a free bulwark btw Pics: https://puu.sh/A8ths/fd15238fe1.jpg [Image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
  14. Heard Avalon was out so we quickly massed up 15 to hit them. clearing them off the map we decided to head back out to see if they would mass up to fight us. 5 minutes later we clashed again and the fight began. it was a bit messy because of the crashers but we kept going and transitioning on them. the fight was even and it kept going back and fourth. at the last 1 hr 30 mins we took lead and never looked back. destroyed their pile and chased them from newgate to gdz. Avalon decided to degear to 1 item barrages to save face but we spawn killed em until we got bored and went to newgate to get our ending. thanks for the fight Avalon btw were not even open yet. Ending 28 on teamspeak Avalon ending with 5 people ragging at gdz Pictures of the fight: Thanks for the fight Avalon
  15. Original Topic Source | Topic created by Euthanize Today the hungry warriors of Vengeance decided that we had gone far too long since our last feast- so we decided to splurge. We entered the wilderness with one goal, to kill everything in sight. We scavenged the wilderness clashing with some random pure and main clans which gave our vikings many good fights. We then managed to stumble upon IR, who had about 15 to our 10, which led to a five minute scrap resulting in us clearing them. Respect for IR, a pure clan, to fight us on a nearly daily basis! Keep it up! We found a few generous individuals during our adventures who were kind enough to donate some +1s to our rabid warrior. A lethal pipe for blowing and a tentacle worthy of a kraken. Well done boys, and thank you for the fights! #Vengeance
  16. Led by @Will The Trill @Im_soBeast @Rams DK part 1: After another successful consecutive PK trip yesterday in GMT, we decided to test our hand in EST tonight and massed the Turminators up for a bit of action. Early into our trip at caves we ran into Misfits and caught them in a small clump while the rest ran away. We got our first bit of good action as we ran into Divine Kingz and cleared them out after 5 minutes of fighting. While DK was massing up in Edge bank, we were planning how to tactically outmaneuver them. We logged out north and rushed in after they took our bait and caught most of them in a fat barrage pile. We chased the stragglers away down to the thirty line and finished them off. After that we ran into Doom and rushed them from the south getting an easy clear. DK part 2: We hopped around after exploding DK and pked before encountering them again and a nice little 15 minute return fight took place in the middle and northeast tunnel of caves. Some light blue hat pures logged in and tried to 2v1 us but all dropped like flies. We put our focus back to DK and after a good little return fight it appeared they were reluctant to return any longer. Thanks for the action Divine Kingz, glad to see you guys back. After this we went to altar for 30 minutes and cleaned the worlds and took some nice loot of single pkers. Forums/discord coming soon - stay tuned!
  17. Topic created by Joseph | Original topic source After some community fun, our hungry vikings set off into the caves to see what was lurking about. We instantly caught action with small main teams and randoms which was an easy feast for the bunch. About an hour into our trip our troops spotted IR, who heavily outnumbered us. Multiple fights went back a forth and was good action for the troops. Vengeance moved about their business until we stumbled upon Apex who gave us the cleanest fight of the night. The return fight last for about 5 minutes resulting in Apex choosing not to return. GF Apex, was extremely fun. Throughout our night we continuously clashed into DK who also provide some decent action for our boys. Thanks all for the fights. #Veng
  18. Topic source | Topic created by Joseph Today we set out hungry, with empty stomachs our men wanted to claim all loot possible. Our daily rev cave adventure started off quickly with clearing random main teams and d bow squads. About halfway into our trip I spotted some teal hats lurking about, I instantly smelt action. Our men quickly logged in on IR which resulted in about a 45 second scrap that ended in our favor. Gf IR. The rest of the night was fought with ease as we filled our pockets. Thanks all for the action. #Veng Loot (no specific order)
  19. Evil set out to pk for hours over the course of this weekend and did not disappoint. We massed up over 10 guys for action in multi and singles! We hopped around every location possible from shallow to deep and found loot everywhere we went. We participated in a fight vs Avalon near sperm hill for 2 rounds of KO which we lost both but managed to down a few of their guys so compared to our last fight this was a big improvement. Met up with an open cc Vendetta? who were flaming our low levels so we managed to lure them north of rev caves where most of us could hit them and dropped all that we could! We also ran into Vengeance at rev caves but after a short scrap we were cleared and decided to not return. Fought some main clans around Venenatis and Callisto where we pk'd some loot. Some hit singles in between our multi trips and also found some unfortunate souls to drop. Overall a great weekend out with the fellas and can't wait for more! Pics below:
  20. Today we massed up for our official Saturday trip into the wild. We started off in the Rev caves where we cleansed several random groups of pkers before running into Apex, who we cleared after a short scrap. We ran into them a few more times resulting in the same outcome before eventually running into a small band of Misfits who we cleared as well. Thanks for the scraps. After taking a short break we returned to the Rev caves to find them completely empty for an hour before running into fellow RP/Tank/Med clan, Evil, who put up a good fight before we cleared them as well. Thank you for the action Evil. Thanks to everyone who came. Pictures:
  21. After having withdrawals from juicy loot, Vengeance massed up some hungry vikings to sniff out anything we could feast on. We ravaged through the caves attacking everything in sight. During our trip we spotted ApeX lurking around, we jumped straight on the opportunity of a fight, ultimately, resulting in three scraps and three W's for Vengeance. Gf ApeX. The rest of the evening showed nothing but fed pockets for our warriors. #Veng
  22. Topic created by Joseph | Original topic source Today Vengeance rushed out with some hungry warriors to see what was lurkin about in the rev caves. As per usual, we had run-ins with random squads that supplied our return tabs with juicy sets and supplies. We also had a couple scraps with MisFits, was fun, thanks for the action. On the other side of things, I'd like to congratulate @EatTaco for scoring three big 99s before the trip. Nice job on your Attack, Hitpoint, & Strength cape bro. Loot Pics
  23. Topic created by Joseph | Original Topic Source Today our hungry Vikings set off on a casual outing to the rev caves. We scrapped with some randoms, pure teams, and a few open cc's that provided us with good fights and loot for the day. Thanks for the action and all who came. #Veng
  24. Clan Chat: CC_Empire || Home World: 341 || Forums Scheduled a "Pk - bananza" tonight (sequel to the pk-palooza for those of you keeping track). We massed up 25 Strong warriors and headed out to rev caves where for first hour we found non stop looties in the form of: Pures (gf IR and misfits small mans), dbow/ballista team (x4?), and a few random groups of mains. Ran into a small man EVO team and cleared them for a few return sets. The last bit of action came when we found VR. The first 2 fights were won by Empire with absolute Ease (see clear pics). The last fight involved about 15minutes of returning before VR gained a few ops on us and we decided to call it. Enjoy: Until next time
  25. Clan Chat: CC_Empire || Home World: 341 || Forums Took the Empire out for a little rev trip tonight, claiming some free small +1s and just generally clearing the caves of all the loot we could find. Another day, Another trip, nothing special really. Pictures of loot below.
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