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  1. Website | Discord: https://discord.gg/DyM2t6c | Clan World Voted: Most Athletic and Best Looking Members In the 30v30 f2p RI we got matched with Silent Ember. We looked at this fight as pretty much the final for this category so we gave it our all and walked away with a 2-0. Thanks for the fight Silent Ember, gl in your other categories. Round 1: Round 2:
  2. Decided to mass up a small man balista trip to see if there was loot out, hopped around a couple worlds before finding some sick patients. Fought outnumbered at the start until we hit discord with a mention and quickly gained. Fought it out for 30 minutes until they decided to run west and call it. Thanks for the feast, hopefully we'll see you guys again soon. VIDEO: PICTURES:
  3. Clan Chat: CC_Empire || Home World: 341 || Forums Took the Empire out for a little rev trip tonight, claiming some free small +1s and just generally clearing the caves of all the loot we could find. Another day, Another trip, nothing special really. Pictures of loot below.
  4. Clan Chat: CC_Empire || Home World: 341 || Forums Original Topic We went to vengeance to set up a CWA throughout the week, and decided on 2x RI's and 1x KO round. The outcome was honestly pretty much what I expected from my boys, ending in a 3-0. Good fight veng and I look forward to more in the future. Video: Round One: Round Two: Round Three:
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