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midweek io going up on a tuesday (Ft. DC + Zenith + RS + SF)

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IO went out for our daily PK trip, heard of multiple clans out, so we massed a quick 25 opts (Peaking at 30) spacer.png

Teled up and immediately found Zenith at caves!
Cleared them and as they were returning DC showed up and we had a solid 3 way return fight at rev caves!

It was kept friendly from all 3 sides and we all tele'd out and said GF! Ty for CLEAN action DC + Zenith          spacer.png


We took a 20 minute break, went back out to fight Resistance at entrance, baited them south and got a quick clear in corridor on them.

SF decided to try to hit us and we swiftly removed them from caves.

RS offered us a PKRI at CA which we accepted!

Had a solid first hit but was unfortunately crashed and ragged by SF, so we decided to give RS the W and we ended on a positive note!

TY to RS + Zenith + DC! Maybe SF will learn to have clean action too one day! It's A Shame~


Aftermath Video:



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