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  1. mfw they thought they were actually killin us ( 10 of our bait) and then we just logged in with 20PLUS, desperate. Anywhere anytime, P2P or F2P, i know u r F2P BASED but in P2P we see the real quality. Forget about F2P Diogo, pretty much dead, pm Salomao for a way out of it. i would name all of ur members who r always Pm me (OLD TCL/SOG) sayin things about ya yet i didnt. just Bend the fuck knee. u already lost , just did not realize it.
  2. i would change #ARROZ to second place, we won the last fight against Death Row. not sure about the accuracy
  3. MFW u guys watch 8 hours of a random stream video to make a video like this. 12:31 till 13:21 , look your cape count lmfao. nice point of view;
  4. loot tracker, callers, etc etc, . lets resume : "the one who leaves first is the one who loss the uncapped" u guys had 25 at the ending (main pille) , it is what it is.
  5. what video? the 1 min video? lmfao ok ok u try me.
  6. Interesting posts of the Wilderland's Members. The truth will be loose soon. you wil need more than 1minute video to Prove your fake news propaganda dont try us.
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