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  1. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy set out this action packed afternoon with 70 Spartans later peaking at ~80.. We challenged ANY clan to rush us in multi as we went undefeated on the day, 6-0. Better luck next weekend pure community! Pictures
  2. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Sundays for Legacy means headhunting +1 [z]ero quality clan. Another day of leaving zenith in Edgeville taking propaganda pictures before ending prior to Legacy.....again (no surprise there!) Legacy went out today with 85 hungry Spartans, later peaking at 97. We once again went around the wilderness giving dutch rubs to zenashit multiple times at CA, Corp and Bandit Camp, resulting in clusters where Legacy was crowned #1 this weekend. Pictures
  3. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this glorious Saturday F2P Pk Trip Legacy massed up around ~ 130 LY to simply kill [z]ero quality zenith once again. The Spartans dominated all fights forcing zenashit to run laps from Corp to CA and calling logs mid fights. zenashit ended their trip after embarrassingly getting bodied by the Spartans at Corp forcing them to run and hide in level 12 wilderness after Apex rushed with 40 people? Awkward. Shout out to all the Legacy members who showed up to kill this propaganda clan. Latino Pictures
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