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  1. I'm reading this in your voice and just can't take you seriously.
  2. why does a dead clan use fucking twitter lmfao no one gives a fuck about your tweets l00000l fuckin weirdos lmfao
  3. @Scimssat on the OSRS login server and broke it.

  4. Your clan has 15 people in it and you're worried about an LY member tanking? Sounds about right.
  5. It's 9:44PM EST on Sunday and @Scimsis still going crazy in his room clawing at his walls bc he is suspended from sharkbrew. 

  6. @Scimsclawing his walls like a mental patient in a psych ward right now bc he can't type on the brew ec5b61b421619b2b385fb3ce8cde26d9.png




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