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  1. Sensat1ons

    FI's message to RD

    i have multiple accounts on this website just like you; go suck some dick for a rank like your friend bra [d] en fatality wins once again lmfao eop sucks
  2. Sensat1ons

    FI's message to RD

    you seem mad lmfao your clan sucks good job fatality
  3. Sensat1ons

    FI's message to RD

    Your trip in a gif
  4. Sensat1ons

    the only reason you play rs

    your computer is ass and you cant handle actual games
  5. Sensat1ons

    Faith Closes

    stfu you broccolied arab
  6. I just spit out my drink, partly because the video was funny but mostly because I live in Flint, Michigan
  7. Sensat1ons

    not counted fatality Vs Supremacy 30 Vs 30 F2P Prep

    L00000L YOU SUCK RD Rd is the type of clan to close
  8. Sensat1ons

    not counted fatality Vs Supremacy 30 Vs 30 F2P Prep

    They didnt have me today at the prep so I wasnt able to pull brown sticky stuff like this off yo fuck off mexican this is my ex clan im supposed to flame them @@Affiliated nice fucking break dance tomato @@Sith whats up dallas
  9. Sensat1ons

    rd the type of clan

    talk lotta brown sticky stuff but doesnt do brown sticky stuff the whole weekend lmfao brown sticky stuffter rd #fi
  10. Sensat1ons

    RD Closing?

  11. Sensat1ons

    RD Closing?

    rd is closing nah fuck you
  12. Sensat1ons


    looks like rd lost again gj fi
  13. Sensat1ons


    If you want a free decleration win challenge rd; yw
  14. Sensat1ons

    Deer Rd