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  1. and? what does that have anything to do with me making this topic lmfao. You literally weren't even in Fo when i and coggy and the rest of the rank team came up with this lmfao
  2. why are you hijacking my topics to begin with, you weren't even foe when i made this and posted it
  3. can someone tell me how EoP can claim to be number one even though they consistently have +10 invites and +10 mains? btw this is coming from an ex EoP member who was asked to attend 3 weeks of trips on my main

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    2. V34r


      @Chesty lmfao no1 cares eop sucks

    3. slapbutt


      who said they were #1 r0f they r #1 at being potato masher (now that zu merged in)

    4. G H 0 S T

      G H 0 S T

      Eop confirmed ddos mains and hack gf closure rip roflchopperko

  4. 2-0 already maybe you will get that 0-31 loss streak going again?
  5. its okay you have no quality thats 2 preps in a row you've lost to us
  6. yea having to poke someone is a real drag when alls you see is their nipples, but ignore the fact that you bundle of twigsgots ddosed me
  7. Forums | Memberlist | Teamspeak 3 (ts.foe-rs.com) The brave men of Fatality thought they could beat the legends of P2P themselves Final Ownage Elite with 8 men strong we slaughtered Fatality 1 by 1 eliminating them from the arena. Round 1: Win Final Ownage Elite Starting/ending 8/4 Fatality Starting/ending 8/0 Round 3: Win Final Ownage Elite Starting/ending 9/9 Fatality Starting/ending 9/0 ~Doopy
  8. We set up a matched F2P prep with Supremacy and we all enjoyed the three rounds. Thanks for the prep! Round 1: Win Foe starting/ending: 29/21 Supremacy starting/ending: 29/0 Round 2: Win Foe starting/ending: 27/20 Supremacy starting/ending: 27/0 Round 3: Win Foe starting/ending: 26/19 Supremacy starting/ending: 26/0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDzH44nRC6A ~ Legacy ~ Akahana ~ C H I L Z
  9. we will be doing F2P i don't know where you heard we aren't but it's not true. We easily pulled 50 to a prep vs EoP after being closed for 4 months and only a few hours notice to get members back. I can see Foe easily coming back and competing with the current "top" clans under the right guidance. Guess we will all find out February 1st though eh?
  10. Forums | Memberlist | Teamspeak 3 (ts.foe-rs.com) Final Ownage Elite approached FI for a P2P Mini-war and we were able to squeeze out a 2-1 win Thanks for the fights FI. Set 1: Loss Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 7/0 Fatality starting/ending: 7/4 Set 2: Win Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 7/5 Fatality starting/ending: 7/0 Set 3: Win Final Ownage Elite starting/ending: 8/6 Fatality starting/ending: 8/0 ~Graffix
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