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  2. lmfao fo is trash, i was getting hit by tanks in team-10 capes the entire time. We stomped Fo end of story
  3. and? what does that have anything to do with me making this topic lmfao. You literally weren't even in Fo when i and coggy and the rest of the rank team came up with this lmfao
  4. why are you hijacking my topics to begin with, you weren't even foe when i made this and posted it
  5. can someone tell me how EoP can claim to be number one even though they consistently have +10 invites and +10 mains? btw this is coming from an ex EoP member who was asked to attend 3 weeks of trips on my main

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    2. V34r


      @Chesty lmfao no1 cares eop sucks

    3. slapbutt


      who said they were #1 r0f they r #1 at being potato masher (now that zu merged in)

    4. G H 0 S T

      G H 0 S T

      Eop confirmed ddos mains and hack gf closure rip roflchopperko

  6. 2-0 already maybe you will get that 0-31 loss streak going again?
  7. its okay you have no quality thats 2 preps in a row you've lost to us
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