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  1. knikker

    knikker pk vidddddd

  2. knikker

    knikker pk vidddddd

  3. go sub like etc
  4. knikker

    Astralis vs Penguins SB 6V6 TOURNEY 3-1

    penguins speak up retards lmfao @Lemonsgoofy ass niggas kyp
  5. knikker

    Day 1 - RoT ends fo in under an hour

    we want vids ... audio.. leaks... forums allodat else no care soz
  6. knikker

    Massacre Returns ~ xLPC

    l00000000000000000000l ma SHIT CLAN BTW DONT JOIN
  7. knikker

    Massacre Returns ~ xLPC

    it ll be 1 week
  8. hurry up with mini tourny brackets plz need free gp

  9. knikker

    announcement SharkBrew Mini Tournament

    TEAM NAME: Astralis/Insurgents idk we haven't decided can we change in like 7 hours TEAM LEADER: Nate, Vitka CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): Nate Beast#2634 TIMEZONE PREFERENCE: 3-6 EST Are you okay with the established default time? (If not, state your suggestion below) What Category of 6v6 Tournaments will you be participating in? (Default, Oldschool, or Both): both Option 1- Link your Memberlist for the tournament: (Max of 10 players) Option 2- Write down the names of your players: (Max of 10 players): Nate - Nate Beast Chad - Annihilator Moni-Moni Korleone - shadawakwap Vitka - 918272410658 Anton - Boyfriends Ricke - Ricke Leonardo - Bless goth - Pinocchio Kelsey - 0MFG
  10. knikker

    Terminal | The Return of the Green Gods

    come play n join terminal