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  1. RIP TLP. My home and love since 07. I will always bleed blue. #TLP for chills. GL Pure World.
  2. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  3. "Karma is a bitch" - SV ~~ *Proceeds to get cleared and booty clapped*

    1. Billy


      were you even there

  4. I never said TLP wasn't, and I wasn't even there hence why I stated "Won" and "Lost" I simply said if you're gonna one item own it, regardless of which ever clan.
  5. Regardless if you "won" or TLP "lost" You talk about 4 iteming = broken? Yet in your picture your purple dots are 1 iteming. I am all good for propaganda and brown sticky stuff, but damn, the pot is calling the kettle black.
  6. Grats EOP | So Clean | Look at this clean fight!

  7. Thank you DOOM, VR, EOP, Zenith, AI, (Insert Other Clan to make you feel better you got FUCKED) and the 10 TLP who showed up.

  8. TLP Pull 130 = 100 Doom Members + 30 TLP

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