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  1. have you seen your nose jesse? i think it's bigger than mine lmfaoo dis nose all up in ya sis kitty vindi lmfaoooo
  2. this quode kid is a major virgin lol kid was homeschooled his whole life and got a GED lmfaoooo

    1. Parm


      and then he killed your clan

    2. Cody9204


      u look like a trailer trash kiddy diddler and quode killed your clan

  3. i'd be more worried about which officer+ is leaking to me :S
  4. eop tapped out in under 4hours lmfao

  5. big dogs drinking and throne room coming soon btw
  6. eop logged eop lost
  7. real or fake? dam not sure u tell me find me btw lol 5+ member client id's on ur teamspeak cya 2mr usain bolts lol!!! broken in under 4hours today
  8. actually, it's a FOE kid called shoan or some brown sticky stuff check their ML
  9. damn fuk time to join eop rof
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