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  1. l000l relax k2p its just anti-foe man not that difficult
  2. lol this guy just laughing at this point. I trust they will catch on soon 🤪
  3. wow look foe members trying to convince everyone that starving and closing clans is the best route just another danny mouth piece that's all you are. foe is the real problem of the community. shame nobody is around/smart enough to do anything about it and just get dicked instead
  4. idk who you are but this is a great post. always nice to see non-retarded posts on here.
  5. bp really improving respect as fuc lads
  6. look the ly simps are here. fucking morons @Brock Lesnarmaybe u can win something so u can talk shit again loser l0l
  7. LOL ur my boy parm but you've done much scummier shit l0ll0l0l0l i cant believe howls still juicing ppl in 2020 tho
  8. l0l0l the copy pasta well done jysko very well played boys. no1 is touching u in this server for a long time and it's deserved
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