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  1. and f2p is interesting again gz on the win nice rounds!
  2. ruh roh shark attack cant spell villain w/o bvg 😮
  3. @Dynamicidc arguing with you but im gonna guess your next p2p prep and f2p prep with apex u should be able to pull 65 with the new influx and retireds being active again right? you will do the same thing we did yesterday and make them sit to you because you don't trust those other guys that just joined if it's not wildy. it's nice pulling way way more than everyone else b/c of this. if I'm wrong I'll correct myself next week after ur prep my main point here is dont be a hypocrite. this minimum opt count garbage excuse has always and will always be around as long as danny is and it's super cancer
  4. wow. the brainwash is still strong at the hq i see lol. so you're saying all these other clans doing double server preps (majority f2p actually) and you can only manage to find a fight against apex once every 3 months? what about the zenith situation a few weeks ago? cba you're obviously a little new to understand. it's good ur agreeing to fights now tho it's always good comp. gl next week
  5. this is what happens when you step into purple portal once a month. hopefully you're humbled and come back regularly. gf lads respect for the battle
  6. impressive showing out considering how hard everyone has been trying to take rage down recently respect bear leaders/members good job
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