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  1. the leaders were not 12 years old. the leaders are now 26+ years old of all the old clans buddy
  2. Range Grudge

    Crimson Project — Any Ex-CPR Out There?

    yes my rsn was pump hello
  3. Range Grudge

    Clan Awards

    no point in doing these if the awards mean nothing anymore. 100% truth on god
  4. Range Grudge

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    CPR sam legend for banging chick on tinychat
  5. Range Grudge

    Pure community Hall of Fame

    how have you played for so long and your list be so trash? you really dont know any fi legends? lmao
  6. Range Grudge

    Guess Who

  7. Range Grudge


    @Steve my boy <3 miss u cutie still reppin that tlp avatar baby lets go. hope all is well
  8. Range Grudge


    Most clanners now aren't able to give an accurate list because they are too/able to give a good discussion due to this. There haven't been many solid discussions since PW.
  9. Range Grudge

    Crisis in EoP?

    l0000l wtf
  10. Range Grudge

    EOP vs FOE ~ August 25th 3:00 PM EST

    wow look foe already ducking and dodging for sunday, complaining about gear, accounts, prep time, and more! what a shocker. absolute pussy clan been dodging shit like this for 7 years now.
  11. Range Grudge

    Looking for a clan just started osrs

    is that my boy @Rhys old school tlp ? welcome back m8
  12. wow look fo trying to save face by bending the rules once again. nothing new here. some things never change