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  1. Wondering how in the world this is the rank chat l0l
  2. Just cause they aren't level 120 doesn't mean fo didnt bring ~40-50 level 80-100's in rune. Still tanks/mains imo (rsn:holydreams for example)
  3. ehh you could work on your banter a bit but yh fo gl
  4. Seeing as we had 30+ Chillin on discord, I massed up the boys and started with 10 and eventually peaked at 34 Fatality Members. We ran into numerous clans like Purge,Intense Redemption. Where was Purge/IR in ur topic?
  5. lmfao, I knew apex would win despite all of the discord banter they laid down. The only good thing fo have had going for them came for eop and he left them out to dry LOL
  6. hmm how can you claim a win based on cape counter when you have that many mains and alts in ur cape at the fight? Doesn't look very convincing when your ending pictures at the fight aren't where the fight took place LOL
  7. If it were any EOP rank in Phil's EXACT position (including his motive) I honestly and wholeheartedly believe the consequences would be different than that of what Phil received. With that being said, I believe that it isn't fair. Any thoughts?
  8. I personally think further actions should have been taken. If Rank A from Clan X doxxed Member B from Clan Y because Member B had Rank A's mates irl info, they'd probably be banned on sb instantly regardless of the situation. Sharkbrew ranks (especially new ones that are kept on close watch) should honestly be held to a higher standard, if not the same standards. There's apparently some sort of trial system in place for new ranks to where if they fuck up, they are gone? Well it looks like he fucked up..
  9. oh brown sticky stuff. you guys needa chill. It's just business.
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