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  1. Prep War

    Demoralizing Apex Sharks at GDZ x3

    yikes apex!
  2. what the fuck was that vid l0000l
  3. Prep War

    Another Hilarious Broken Clan Audio Leak

    dude we get it apex is fucking ass
  4. Prep War

    Best Speech

    not even close to the best...
  5. Prep War


    this is a p server lmfao
  6. Prep War

    pure Nox

    apex is ass and nox eats dogs and cats
  7. is this why nox wont let his members use this site?


    1. Slaves
    2. Unbiased Observer

      Unbiased Observer

      lmao best prep record of 2018 is "the most irrelevant" ahhaha a lot of salt boiss

  8. Prep War

    "FOE used mains first"

    lmfao apex is so fucking shit
  9. Prep War

    GG CD

    you are a fucking retard
  10. Prep War

    When Fom realise they cant win

    all I see is fagget owl panic spamming to return bc apex got smoked today
  11. Prep War

    Oh hi CD

  12. Prep War

    lol stop killing urself

    apex got fucked on Saturday up 40 in f2p, thought they pulled a quick one on foe on Sunday by pulling 200 but it backfired because they got no action. Yikes Apex!!