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  1. Prep War

    weekend MISFITS 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ft. 180 Big Beezzzz

    hope you guys keep the pulls up so we can keep doing fights like that on sundays
  2. WHAT THE FUCK LMFAO yikes eop
  3. Prep War

    "uploading...." in aftermath topics

    @eop have this problem
  4. imagine being lead by that lmfao
  5. Prep War

    pure rough weekend at EOP hq

    eop closing for the 200th time next week!
  6. Prep War

    1 year ago...

    that not possible lmfao ub is foe bro
  7. Prep War

    It's not rocket science

    @Murd we get it you have downs
  8. Prep War

    How Desperate?

    dude you are a fat mexican e-dating a flat chested, flat assed girl stfu lmfao
  9. Prep War

    2v2 fullout?

    oh look it is shoan the retard who got kicked from foe and then begged to rejoin
  10. Prep War

    2v2 fullout?

    well since eop has never won a fullout and apex got fucking murdered last time they tried to compete with the big boys id say it doesnt really matter because either way foe would win.