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  1. Yup, clans scared of the#1xlpc jaja
  2. ?? Imt lost two preps and won like 4 vs apoc and od lol Gz imt, looked pretty easy
  3. Easu as fuck lmao. Divine is probably the worst xlpc right nos. Stay quiet retards. Imt #1 xlpc
  4. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    BREAKING: Divine buys 50M worth of fake logs

    Youre actually surprised a clan killed 3 people in a round? Damn feel bad for the newfags.. missed the era when few clans just perfected em lmao Ot: its 2k19 and kids still leaks staff chan even if its fake damn lmao, anyways winning a 30v30 preps without overs wont save your shit clan
  5. Lmfao shit clans teaming up to compete. #1 xlpc by far
  6. Long ass topic for a mini war? Are you retarded or new? Holy shit l0l its 2k19 newfag
  7. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    Immortal obliterates Divine in F2P Clan Wars (3-0)

    You even cry about minis too? Fucking retard
  8. Jorgito Gutiérrez


    According todo the videos looks like IMT rollers them over 1v2 Ot:This wont save your shitty clan newfags
  9. Lmfao you got smoked all days. Looks like you keep talking shit lmfao it wont end good for your shitty clan that las have no idea who your ranks are LOL See you next weekend hopefully you dont team up again LMFAO P.s holy shit its 2k19 and you still make long ass aftermaths lmfao
  10. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    Energy's Electrifying Saturday ft Immortal, Divine and Blitz

    Ahh yes another divine topic.. lmf
  11. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    [IMT] Immortal Vs. 3 Clans Teaming [Divine, Energy, Blitz]

    Ahhh yes was easy owning you today
  12. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    [IMT] Immortal Vs. 3 Clans Teaming [Divine, Energy, Blitz]

    The one that lost today was you and your clan my friend Plis take a seat