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  1. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    cwa Immortal vs Apocalypse F2P Prep [ 3 - 0 ] + ft 50

    It's not called newfag retard it's called being antes easy prep.. obvious hes gunns use a 2h. Sounds like youre pretty new lmao
  2. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    cwa MASSIVE 50v50+ BEST OF 200 WAR, WOW!!!

    Bro btw if we have a prep without overs we r good btw
  3. Know your place or youll end up like nrg
  4. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    cwa Immortals are the CLAN of the MONTH (Year) Divine SMOKED 3-0

    Then who are Divine ranks? And who are you
  5. Dont let your ranks brainwash you lmao. We mass 4:30 pm est and left 5:05 lol.
  6. Btw you got fucked yday and today LMFAO stay quiet retard
  7. Watch the vid buddy, se fucked your boys 3 times and you denying it LMFAO, se also fucked hahahq We did this to you btw
  8. No1 can compete vs the Kings LMFAO Energy got smoked all day
  9. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    IMT Stooping To A New Low

    Nice 20 man pull with mains, we did this to you haha
  10. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    IMT Stooping To A New Low

    Nrg pulled 20 today and with tanks lmao dont forget who did this to you newfag
  11. Jorgito Gutiérrez

    IMT Stooping To A New Low

    PNo1 cares retard, imt bullied you today and your mad af P.s there was no mains from imt today, sad that you had to kept with the mains tho lmao. you still got killed. P.s V2 holy shit you still care about last weekend trips lmfao, no1 even rememeber last weekend trips or lmao no1 gives a shit retard
  12. I forced energpiss to use tanks hahaha gz on #4 today