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    Maaku got a reaction from TheBean in G M T   
    pm sam the bear fullout
  3. Poor Banter
    Maaku got a reaction from Swag Of RS in Lmfao IR still cleared with their mains, Supremacy just keeps winning   
    You are mad because we 1 banged all ur mains LOL too slow to v tele
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    Maaku reacted to Moe in I'm humble   
    u aint sht 
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    Maaku got a reaction from Red Vision in What are you going to do when KOP wants to have their own trips next weekend, PX?   
    I got tbed by those clowns at ca
  6. Poor Banter
    Maaku reacted to Eop Whore in Imagine joiner fom   
    weren't you a rank in the worst clan of all time cp?
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    Maaku reacted to ahegao in is it just me or these forums have been dead ever since they got changed?   
    look at slushpuppy actually taking down peoples' suggestions after his site is less active than before haha 
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