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  1. damn those pulls just keep getting lower and lower.... soon AAO going to outpull yall lmao!
  2. Who the fuck are u lol ty for posting a topic anyway
  3. AAO DEAD LMFAOOO brown sticky stuffTERS!!! @@Canadian u killed it this time!
  4. Wow looks like a great clan! Many rivals reunited in peace and harmony!
  5. @@Canadian pls man i told u ill have it before 7pm dont close me clan
  6. imperial slumping harder than AAO!! looks like AAO wins again!
  7. u have just activated the trap card muahah ty for 100m
  8. Sounds like another salty slaughter members who couldn't join AAO if he/her wanted to.
  9. Imperial trying to weed out them leaks before they prep us clearly lol
  10. you declared and don't even know the rules you broccoli 92cap with 5 exceptions lmao Imperial = sv + pure clanning rejects who no one wants in their clan
  11. LMFAOOOOO already crumbling into dust
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