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  1. I wonder.. what happend to www.clan-envy.com

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    2. Jim


      @Moni yeah fuck you fat paki scum

    3. Moni
    4. haaiensnaai0


      @Moni i love you tho. I love paki's. Lemme carrot you

  2. Well.. to bad doom couldent pull people to pk.. Was it fun @ singles? Atleast adam wasent there.. he got stomped in singles
  3. Like always.. CD dominates in p2p. Would be nice to see zynith pull atleast 20+ one day. Since 2016 is already the year of #CD, Dome should start preparing for 2017 already.. maybe they might stand a change there.
  4. Please come with some actual facts instead of these brain dead arguments. I tried to find doom members yesterday in the wildy, i guess they left multi after seeing a CD name. Maybe they continued pking in singles. Grow a pair.
  5. Are you referring to the moments where doom tried to fight us by themselves? Nope, ofcourse you're not! Were still waiting for that to happen..
  6. Thanks for your reaction. Im pretty sure they'll instandly settle this forever thanks to your reply!
  7. @u dont want these hands, hmm nope.
  8. Let us be bffs. Get on your knees and let me do the work
  9. Fuck you dome. Clean the toilet after getting [email protected] pl0x
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