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  1. Birdman

    How it feels to be TLP right now.

    You accept me calling your penis tiny. Yikes.
  2. Birdman

    [SV]Hittin's POV this WEEKEND

    They never left because you cant beat a DEAD human lDIOT. If you are already bottom of the barrel and content with that, you will never close because you cant close when you are broken down that low and people are fine with it. You all have agreed to suck dick together and are this mystical like band of potato masher pirates who can buy $5 booters just to lose at a mmorpg. 135 pull and 120 pull this weekend, are you actually cauliflower? Nice brown sticky stuff clan. No history, No talent. Nice Prep Record. YIKES no pic no proof CD? Holy irrelevant. super hype here on the winning boat. wuu2 little man
  3. Birdman

    not counted Sovereign Blazing Sunday - FT EOP/FI/FOE/RD

    135 pull ded okay whats that make your 45 pull?? DEDDDDDD
  4. Birdman

    not counted Final Ownage Elite P2P PK Murder Trip

    close into sv, your masters
  5. Birdman

    [SV]Hittin's POV this WEEKEND

    Sv clan history? #discuss
  6. Welcome to hpc? Is it official? I hope you enjoyed. It was nice seeing new blood
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXN3hzo-knQ
  8. This is what you get when tomatos dont run your clan. Soron MVTLP.
  9. Birdman

    FOC after today