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not counted Sovereign Blazing Sunday - FT EOP/FI/FOE/RD

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Most Hated - Most Active


Massed up 60 Purple Warriors to dominate P2P. Was one of the more entertaining trips with tons of action and lots of 1v1's. 








We asked fatality for a 1v1 since we had even numbers, they accepted and defended sperm, we rushed in and instantly started specing and banging out there low levels, we continued fighting for a couple minutes with both clans pushing eachother. We went on top of 26 hill and FI rushed after us, we killed the majority of them before getting crashed. 




We asked fatality for another 1v1 they defended sperm, EOP rushed them before we did and then we came and cleared EOP in .5 

got them in ridiculous clumps after EOP got instantly cleared we continued fighting fatality at sperm and south of ghost hut before FOE came and rushed. 




Redemption Rushed us in single with 20. We instantly cleared the 10 of them cauliflower enough to go in multi and laughed at the tomatos who instantly gloried out. 



We asked fatality for another 1v1, they accepted and defended 26 hill. We rushed them from the east and got them clumped ontop of 26 hill in massive clumps, EOP came from the west and we began focusing them, we would dominate EOP with half of their members dying on their initial rush, After EOP was cleared we would begin fighting again andFI had significantly less than us, We pushed them south and the majority of them teleported. We looted up and banked. 


Every clan had ended after this point. Thanks for the action and the looties. 





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