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  1. Idk

    Danny's Secret Weapon

    LOOOL tired of losing? Try the avoiding technique
  2. Quality Saturday trip topic tbh
  3. Idk

    Holy trinity Vs. The Boys 2-0

    In ur dreams lol
  4. Idk

    Speak Up Rats.

    No mains vs mains
  5. Enjoy like/comment/sub
  6. 200m+ Like/comment/sub <3
  7. Idk

    Current P2P Rankings

    Apex been #1 p2p for almost a year now
  8. Idk

    main Sovereign's Friday - Fighting RoT 2x

    Damn gj gratz on ur trip
  9. Idk

    Tiers of The Pure Community

    Fuck that man as of right now there is no addy take that shit off quit encouraging we’re all in 1 bracket rn
  10. Name: vik RSN: slabby CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): Vikings#6433 Youtube/Twitch/etc (If you win it will be mentioned publicly and on the winning topic): VikingsBrid
  11. Every1 in the portal for them was on their ML lmfaoo what are you saying @Moni
  12. Bruh you literally submitted a lineup cmon now LOL
  13. Don’t ever refer to yourselves as legends of p2p again lmfao