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  1. 2 shit clans in finals what a terrible tournament
  2. Idk

    Danny's Secret Weapon

    LOOOL tired of losing? Try the avoiding technique
  3. Quality Saturday trip topic tbh
  4. Idk

    Holy trinity Vs. The Boys 2-0

    In ur dreams lol
  5. Idk

    Speak Up Rats.

    No mains vs mains
  6. Enjoy like/comment/sub
  7. 200m+ Like/comment/sub <3
  8. Idk

    Current P2P Rankings

    Apex been #1 p2p for almost a year now
  9. Idk

    main Sovereign's Friday - Fighting RoT 2x

    Damn gj gratz on ur trip
  10. Idk

    [CHAMPS] Apex vs Blue Boots 3-0 [Sharkbrew Tournament]

    Easy for apex thanks for 2 sigs
  11. Idk

    Tiers of The Pure Community

    Fuck that man as of right now there is no addy take that shit off quit encouraging we’re all in 1 bracket rn
  12. Name: vik RSN: slabby CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): Vikings#6433 Youtube/Twitch/etc (If you win it will be mentioned publicly and on the winning topic): VikingsBrid
  13. Idk

    [CHAMPS] Apex vs final ownage 3-1 [10v10 Oldschool]

    Every1 in the portal for them was on their ML lmfaoo what are you saying @Moni
  14. Idk

    [CHAMPS] Apex vs final ownage 3-1 [10v10 Oldschool]

    Bruh you literally submitted a lineup cmon now LOL
  15. Don’t ever refer to yourselves as legends of p2p again lmfao