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  1. Rams

    cwa [MAIN TOURNAMENT] CE vs TT 2-1

    A good lesson in not flaming before you secure a victory, good fight TT
  2. Rams

    pkri Sovereign Goons Decimate Singles Clan

    BG (bad game) Jaja, was easy
  3. Rams

    Juri Rs

    How someone from Estonia called Jurgen, isn't that a German name
  4. Rams

    main Renegades vs Avalon

    Grats RNG
  5. A couple of weeks ago we posted a prep as we got news that the streamer Mog Time was going to be hosting a world war. When this fine day rolled around, we massed up 80 strong purple goons for our opening PK trip. We started off at Vetion, picking off stragglers and getting loot until the big action begun. Not too long after this Fools rushed us and a nice little fight ensued - JaJa logged in from the west side only to get fucked and pushed to singles in less than 5 minutes. After this fight we went back up and proceeded to have multiple fights with Fools, Vitality, VR, Avalon and PD + Renegades. We caught some absolutely massive clumps and had some great action. We then focused on killing Mog Time a couple times and swept through deep clearing absolutely everything in our tracks capping off 3 hours of clean, uncontested action. Thanks for a sick opening trip clan world and great job to everyone who came out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRHwI-5tG6E
  6. Rams

    Florida Mass Shooting & Gun Control

    Switzerland has more guns than citizens, they don't seem to have this issue. America has too many guns in circulation, unlike in Australia where a buy-back scheme worked in America because of the 2nd Amendment people will not be willing to give up their guns and it would be impractical to seize them. It's a mental health issue, not a gun issue init - guns are symptoms, not the problem. It'll be just as easy for a would-be school shooter to access guns after any sort of ban as it is now due to the sheer volume
  7. Rams

    main ROT Vs TR F2P Fight (ROT POV)

    Gf RoT, strong performance
  8. Gf Alpha, was strong performance
  9. Rams

    main Avalon vs Vanguard [45 Min Cap]

    Looked fun, grats Avalon
  10. Rams

    main Violent Resolution's Day Out

    Nice day out VR