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  1. sup garbage nothing worth celebrating
  2. you literally made that account to post that, look whos the beta now...
  3. if you need help with the ingame stalking, you can download runelite and change other characters to something less intimidating and uncomfortable =]
  4. i guess thats what a clan with 0 quality has to resort to
  5. lmao supremacy has never been relevant feelsbad
  6. You wrote this all over your virtual guild? Get a grip
  7. am i referring to the post where you linked the same prep video but just of 4 different povs lol? id post prep videos of beating cd but they literally mean nothing
  8. the only good thing to come from cd is @Albania other than that, you achieved nothing
  9. Took the whistle from the ref and made my own calls
  10. well its a good thing you dont make decisions around here
  11. what a time to be alive fi and eop holding hands
  12. Grow up @Whisky it’s the internet, if you don’t like what someone says to you, look away
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