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  1. How about you shut the fuck up? I haven't spoken to the creep in almost a year, calm yourself. No matter how many times girls block him, he will just make new accounts to reappear again and harass them. Use your head and stop being a moron. I hope you get 2 def you shit kid.
  2. Yes, this is RRA from Imperial.
  3. I'm on TS. I'm another person.
  4. Dear Sharkbrew Users, My name is Renée, please hear me out as I come forward with the topic. I’m here to support any other users who have also been harassed or been falsely accused of things because of this man, I come to fight with peace and evidence. As I have stated from my testimony: Whipz did always try to gravitate towards me during off-time within Doom. I loved Doom but Whipz would constantly poke me to go talk to him in a private channel and it didn't really cross my mind that he is nothing more than a friend. Until pictures of mine and a few other girls were being spread around by him. What I have stated in my testimony is true. He has been leaking pictures of girls to Runescape users online as well as harassing them. I have saved messages from a year ago, as well as some teamspeak stuff and images of discord too. I have blocked names of those who have been harassed over the months as well as any other people wo are involved with the situation. He is not the “nice” guy you claim him to be. Whipz has been doing this for a year now and this kind of behavior in the pure community, as well as in the Runescape community is unacceptable. His behavior is repugnant and also shallow, it also points out the insecurities this guy has too. Seriously, you guys should not even be bashing on the ladies here. We are telling you the truth, he is a grade A stalker and a creep! Please, please, PLEASE be very mindful about what you say and do on the internet because you do not know people's true hidden agendas. And if you still continue to side with Whipz or even have him in your clan, you are also a sick and creepy fuck like him too.
  5. LMFAOOO! Sharkbrew can't be that bad
  6. What is your real life name? Renee What are your hobbies? Besides the whole Runescape life, I'm busy a lot. Thankfully, I'm about to graduate University next May. Getting a Mathematics Degree WOOHOO! Lol. Been trying to learn some programming on the side too. So that's my school and work life. For fun I like to go to the movies. Scary movies and terrible movies are my favorite. I like to go to amusment parks, I'm a roller coaster fan. I like haunted houses, I always wanted to go sky diving, and star gazing. I love outer space stuff. And star gazing is definitely one of the top things I want to do on my bucket list. I have many more stuff in my bucket list but lmao...I can only type so much. So I'll stop here. What is your RuneScape history? I have been playing Runescape since 2003. Never joined the pure scene, even though I have heard about them (only one I knew about was Fatality in 2006). I usually played Runescape with my little brother and we would be those "twinz" specing noobs at Varrock level 1. I quit Runescape in 2012 and came back in 2015. It wasn't until 2016 that I started looking more into pure clanning. Previous clans: Imperial - Member Invictus - Member Corrupt Pures - Member Doom - Member What are your goals for your RuneScape account? For my 60 att pure my goals are just 99 strength and hitpoints. My baby pure's goal right now is 80 range then 80 magic (she is a 50 att, 1 pray and 1 def prodigy). Once I max out my main pure is when I will focus on my noob main. What clan are you in? Supremacy Anything else: I like taking long walks out in the wilderness. <3
  7. Thank you for the awesome friendships and clanning experiences <3 I will never forget you guys. I love you :3 <3 #Doom4ever<3 - Renee
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