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  1. Kiwis

    Is God a sexual predator?

    grow up you child
  2. Kiwis

    Apex Hosting

    Dont tell me what to do lmfao, no its this website thats the shit show
  3. Kiwis

    Apex Hosting

    Lmfao what a shit show
  4. Kiwis

    Apex Hosting

    This slushpuppy guy is trying to show everyone that hes powerful and he doesn't give a fuck. But in reality hes just some insecure little rodent who clearly has no idea about pure clanning or how to run this community.
  5. Kiwis


    Lmfao slushpuppy sells ip grabbers that were used against the pure community and now kim is ip grabbing, smfh this website is a joke..
  6. Kiwis

    Apex Hosting

    Lmfao looks like you got bullied, what a victim
  7. Kiwis

    pkri Thursday: Back to Normal

    Gz lmfao ct is fucking dead
  8. Kiwis

    cwa Fatality vs sup p2p prep 3-0

    Wait, fi is still open lol?
  9. Kiwis

    Rev focused teams?

    you must be new round here
  10. Kiwis

    lpc Siege

  11. Kiwis

    announcement Whipz - The Complete inquiry

    Lmfao yeah mate thousands of guys have been doxed before but as soon as its a girl rank on this community site she gets special treatment lmfao. How can you be stalked on runescape.com looooool