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  1. 150 mains and eop still got cleared

  2. and who is to say eop would even show up, they already know they would lose i wouldn't put it past them to not show up just to try ruin foe's anni
  3. ah yes u did one scim push then ran right back, meanwhile foe maintained control of corp hill for the whole fight
  4. feels good to be light skinned, handsome and wealthy irl
  5. hahaha nice fake ending, foe bullied u back to single all trip, was very easy
  6. nice singles trip eop LOL!

  7. exactly its the anni don't wanna boring clean sweep of ur clan in clan wars, we are going out into the depths of the wilderness to kill everything
  8. only declare on the most inconvenient day for foe and won't accept any other date, that's when u know ur a bitch clan
  9. remember when ur clan was up 7 and thought they were gonna win HAHA!
  10. lmfao so scared u declare on the only date foe wouldn't be able to accept
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