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  1. i think its very funny that all of you americans/brits cant even type proper english lmfao, 4ners win again
  2. tjo bror säg till om du vill köpa 550m behöver bli av med skiten
  3. cant wait for scene to go 30 def so i can use my main in 20 wild again!!
  4. didnt read but i dont come here very often, not surprised you still write bibles about runescape clanning politics you're such a fking loser lmfao
  5. stop mentioning me in random topics fking bego relatives i only wanna see the flame stfu
  6. what do you mean you fking rats i was on my superpure beating the brown sticky stuff out of you with my hentaiwhip until I saw that stinky farmer Nox guy in 1 item which gave us the big W lmfao
  7. The reality is your site is dying. Take that how you want...

    From the responses given to you its clear they don't want any help from you sharkbrew ranks, You're all inactive and don't play rs with no idea what the clanning world needs. This goes for all scenes btw, Their responses should be an eye opener to you anyways, Either start giving the pure community what they want or fuck off.

    You're becoming a money hungry moron like hormone was with rsw. Making topics about RWT to making topics about private servers getting advertisement from sharkbrew, NOBODY wants that lol. Go back to the fundamentals of this site or expect it to keep being something no one wants to be apart of.

    Wake the fuck up man

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    2. Kim


      2 hours ago, Mithril said:

      Kim plays rs :(

      I love rs xd

    3. Ibra
    4. Fazing


      i actively play rs and clan. :)

  8. lmfao cant wait till sharkbrew dies out, spastic chink say bye to half of your income l0000l
  9. ewww just heard the recording of your voice, why do u sound like that l00l
  10. its good because in the end you'll end up getting 39 def too and my main can hit you in 15 wild!
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