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  1. In terms of the optics of pures, I don't think there's been a better time to push for more clan recruitment. Recently the Jagex 1 v 1 tourny featured a pure bridding section which would never have happened like 5 years ago. Most pvp content creators on yt have pure accounts that they use and there is a decent following from them who want to get into pking. I think part of recruiting new blood is trust - people don't trust other people they see on the internet, so I think the first thing to do would be to get Jagex to officially endorse clans that have been around for a long time. All clans have FCs randoms can join and simply by having up to date information from jagex about what those FCs are would help people make first contact with the clanning world, which can be pretty daunting. Everyone seems to know each other and it is a bit of an oldboy's club. A clan section on the website with clan banners and information about clan history with the FC name is imperative. Communication between the council and jagex as to which clans are actually legit is paramount as well. If you start to regulate who is officially a pure clan with representatives from all clans then you can start calling people out for using mains and other bs tactics. Repeat offenders could have their status a an "official" pure clan removed temporarily or permanently. The benefit of being an official pure clan, obviously, would be the exposure gained from being on the runescape official website.
  2. What is the biggest problem facing the pure community at the moment? When i played it was always mains. What suggestion do you have that could fix this said problem? "dead" worlds. The worlds stopped at edge (like old bh), but GE could be accessed. The wilderness would have the same layout, trees, rocks etc... and all, but without key things that "bring it to life". No npcs. None of the resources would be gather-able, and crucially, they would be capped at 20 defense. How should the unified council or committee decide on which suggestion to push for? (ans)
  3. this must be a troll account, no one is this deluded.
  4. Stop trying to prolong the life of the pure world. The community is more cancer than it has ever been. Clans would rather talk brown sticky stuff on this website than actually have events and rivalries, and would rather crash fights all day than have clean ones. What is the point in staying open if there is no action? Pures are no longer a good and effective build, because getting defense gives access to too many buffs, is too quick and easy to do and is much more versatile (you can play the entire game rather than just pk/grind skills). There are too many game modes in rs. DMM, DMM Seasonal and LMS are all reasons for people to not concentrate on pure clanning, because they are viable alternatives for those who like pking.
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