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  1. The crappy thing about purge is when I'm pking with a 3-4 small man team and they see black hats 20 of them will log out/tele :\ Glad to see you guys stepping up but you guys literally tele every single fight possible and we never post a winning topic on that LOL. Btw we had 16.
  2. Sucks to see MF was not a good fit for you, have fun a sup!
  3. We were @ GDZ within a minute of you teleporting and had confirmation you guys went and logged out and never responded for a round 2. hmmm
  4. And for round 2? What happened?? You guys said tele GDZ and tele'd up we get to GDZ seconds later you guys never even tele'd there lmao and ignored us for round 2 down opts. You want your 2 seconds of fame here you gooo!!!! clap clap.
  5. Just confused here, we fight and as we're returning (which you usually do during a PKRI..correct me if I'm wrong) you guys tele out and claim the win while people are still returning and continue to say tele up to GDZ and you guys never come and than never answer for a round 2. You can literally see it in the picture "clear and dip" lmfao what? You guys are literally fucking braindead, grats on clearing 20 guys I guess and teleing while returners on the way Also include your FI main raggers lmfao clearly pictured above.
  6. Lmfao you have envy in your capes, so first in the beginning of the topic to say "we never had any envy" than a screenshot is posted "ok so we had 1 envy whats it matter" legit braindead.
  7. Yeah good thing we have 9+ POVS to say differently retard lmao
  8. Smoked 3x sunday? Where.. that's odd because you guys literally uploaded a 4 minute pov of one fight out of the 5, the only time you stated you "cleared" us on Sunday was a screenshot of propaganda saying we were down 20 only because the other 40 of us were more west off minimap, and when someone showed a screenshot proving you wrong you guys shut up and went into full cringe mode for the past week. Actions speak louder than words, we'll see what happens this Sunday again, you guys literally threatened to hack our forums several times among-st other threats and get upset over getting hacked? l000l What FI says happened "Cleared them down 10 and they logged out" What actually happened Like are you guys that braindead you think people other than your own members believe your BS
  9. The only thing you "ended" on Wednesday was small trips of randoms pking together in which you massed up to do......? It wasn't lead by anyone who has been in MF for more than a couple months and you guys literally massed up to kill them and to brag about it? LET THAT SINK IN. Sucks you guys couldn't pull dick last weekend and got dropped everytime you tele'd up :\ hopefully some more thought has went into getting people to PK Sunday because this is barely even a rivalry it's more so FI getting smoked left and right and being cringe lmfao.
  10. I honestly hope you guys have 100 people signed up, even 120, who cares this is a rivalry and you guys getting cleared 5x last week in a row was not even fun :\ just another day in the dog park. See you guys out there Sunday, hopefully you get some numbers so maybe it'll be 5-1 /end
  11. Imagine clearing 3 new misfits and 2 apps after massing for 30 minutes and than posting a winning topic, if we did that to FI there would be 300 post a day lol. You're not bullying anyone after what happened Sunday and what will continue to happen every Sunday. Keep posting these cringe ass gives us so much humor.
  12. Holy mother of god another 30 minute mass to kill 3 mf's and 2 apps. L0L0L0L
  13. Cringe af, have a good one.. glad you guys massed up for 30 minutes to kill 5 misfits doing there own thing shew you guys really got us.
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