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  1. @Kanicus had a mental breakdown y'day on teamspeak after not being able to pull over 19 to a p2p prep.. hes worried about this sundays pull and cried about it on teamspeak.. leak soon!

  2. Takes longer to make the topic then the fight took, yikes
  3. mf back to fountain of rune to charge them glories
  4. I doubt you have seen any of the povs, given your recent posting on all our topics. Don't really know what this big talk of yours will help you anywhere in the wilderness. Instead of being the big keyboard warrior you are, you might wanna focus more on your overhead praying, you can't even handle that in singles. C'mon man its 2018 and you don't even know what you are doing. To all MF ranks, why are you letting this 1 individual make u look even more stupid. What are u all up to?
  5. Ali


    sup man, I've been in valhalla for a short amount of time, vexed still around?
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