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  1. Slaughter_Abdullah

    midweek Thursday : Get the fuck out of my wild opiss (LMFAO) Ft Clean 1v1 Vs Savage

    lmfa00000000000000000000000000000000000000 0pisss sm0ked
  2. Part 1: Today the #1 MPC massed up a glorious 33 purple warriors for this scheduled midweek p2p pk trip. We pked for around 2 hours clearing out the low wild.. We then moved to lavas where we had 2 clean fights vs Savage. Gf Savage thanks for the fights. Part 2: Banning Olympiss From The Wildy Shortly after ending 1 hour later we heard Olympiss was trying to pk in our wildy. So we called a 30 second mass pulling 25. later peaking at 32. After clearing opiss the first time, they called it mandatory, they had 2 staff meetings, and they banned some random kid all in hopes trying to find our spy. We continued hitting them until they ultimately ended. Dont even try opiss, you cant touch the kings.
  3. Slaughter_Abdullah

    CD in Panic Mode?

    and we beat apex which u lost to lmfa000000000
  4. get the fuck out of my wild opiss lmfao

  5. get the fuck outta my wild op lmfao

  6. Slaughter_Abdullah

    CD in Panic Mode?

  7. I cant wait to fuck Rage in ass the ass and put my dick inside Olympiss.

    1. PIFF_RAGE


      top right hand corner of the page is a "X" click it.

    2. Kenan N Kel
  8. Slaughter_Abdullah

    Critical damage declares on olympussies

  9. Slaughter_Abdullah

    Critical damage declares on olympussies

    op is brown sticky stuff and scared
  10. don doesn't use those accs u geek
  11. tfw don doesn't even use sb or play rs?
  12. [C][R][N][G][E] try to limit that scrub^
  13. Slaughter_Abdullah

    @EF_BREAK Olympus #8 matched lpc grats

    lmfa00000000 and rage/op think they can beat cd in clanwars ahahahhahahahaha next joke bundle of twigsgets