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  1. nice vid man, i just personally dont like the music (
  2. eYYY wadap its shairo up in this BCH! What are your hobbies? I play alot cs. What is your RuneScape history? Used mass recruit people to my pure clan v0 at church in ~~07 Played battlescape alot too (420 pkers , integrity, annihilation , outrage ) Been in pop also and i was known as Arctic Pk to someone of you maybe?? What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Trying to get motivation for maxed 1def What clan are you in? Olympus Anything else: Been busy and inactive as fuck lately,just started to play again after ~~7 months PS im hungry atm
  3. Good editing man. Just try to get 5k clips etc would be better =)
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