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  1. thanks for the scrap veng
  2. Mojo

    WG vs Paragon + Night Out

    Vio often sounds silly. He thinks its 2006 still. We don't ask him to make these topics. In all likelihood the topic will be locked/removed (I don't know the SB process) once Vio comes online.
  3. Mojo

    WG vs Paragon + Night Out

    As you're probably aware, we're an honour clan (the only one?). There is never an intention to break the rules of a fight. What's probably happened here is inexperience from our leaders or members. A lot of our members have never been in PK clans before joining.
  4. 15 years and still going strong :)
  5. Mojo

    rockman and it's history

    I think you'll find I'm not actually in your clan or whatever the hell this is