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Status Updates posted by Origen

  1. Resurgence #1 Altar PK clan LESSGOOO

  2. RIP @Jernt


  3. At this point, just get rid of @Jerntfrom this forum :)

  4. Wish you would come back to the PC @Stl Arrow

  5. RIP Resurgence 😕 I miss my favourite animal so much, would pet it every single day.

  6. When is the next aftermath coming? @Steeze@Stl Arrow


  7. When is the next aftermath coming? @Steeze@Stl Arrow


    1. A1v1 & Friends

      A1v1 & Friends

      i mean your aftermaths are pretty shit, one member posts more then your entire aftermaths

    2. Origen


      Are you retarded you awkward fuck? Get some fresh air & let it circulate your lungs spastic.

  8. Imagine still being in @Resurgence after The Great Flood they experienced a few days ago .... Yikes!

  9. So what now, Resurgence? Will we hear from you again within the next 2 weeks or will you continue to starve yourself? 🤣

  10. And then they finally head out, but they pull 7 🤣🤣🤣

    Rip Resurgence man... RIP!

  11. Feels like years since Resurgence's last aftermath. Only been 2 weeks though 🤣🤣

  12. When are we going to see anther Resurgence aftermath tho? fr 😦

  13. Please document your pk trips with an aftermath, Resurgence. We know you aren't pking though :D

  14. Won't be long before Resurgence is another Zerk/Med/Tank clan in the past 😂😂

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